Commit 6fb89a9a authored by Bechir Zalila's avatar Bechir Zalila
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* Added the standard library property set for EMv2.

	(By Fatma Kacem)
parent b0b8d5e7
package ErrorLibrary
annex EMV2 {**
error types
CommonErrors: type set { ServiceError, TimingRelatedError, ValueRelatedError, ReplicationError,
--service related errors
ServiceError: type;
ItemOmission: type extends ServiceError;
ServiceOmission: type extends ServiceError;
SequenceOmission: type extends ServiceError;
TransientServiceOmission: type extends SequenceOmission;
LateServiceStart: type extends SequenceOmission;
EarlyServiceTermination: type extends SequenceOmission;
BoundedOmissionInterval: type extends SequenceOmission;
ItemComission: type extends ServiceError;
ServiceCommission: type extends ServiceError;
SequenceCommission: type extends ServiceError;
EarlyServiceStart: type extends SequenceCommission;
LateServiceTermination: type extends SequenceCommission;
--timing related errors
TimingRelatedError: type set {ItemTimingError, SequenceTimingError, ServiceTimingError};
-- Item timing errors
ItemTimingError: type;
EarlyDelivery: type extends ItemTimingError;
LateDelivery: type extends ItemTimingError;
--Rate/sequence timing errors
SequenceTimingError: type;
HighRate: type extends SequenceTimingError;
LowRate: type extends SequenceTimingError;
RateJitter: type extends SequenceTimingError;
-- Service timing error
ServiceTimingError: type;
DelayedService: type extends ServiceTimingError;
EarlyService: type extends ServiceTimingError;
-- aliases for timing errors
TimingError renames type ItemTimingError; -- legacy
RateError renames type SequenceTimingError;
EarlyData renames type HighRate;
LateData renames type LowRate;
ServiceTimeShift renames type ServiceTimingError;
--value related errors
ValueRelatedError: type set {ItemValueError, SequenceValueError, ServiceValueError};
-- item value errors
ItemValueError: type;
UndetectableValueError: type extends ItemValueError;
DetectableValueError: type extends ItemValueError;
OutOfRange: type extends DetectableValueError;
BelowRange: type extends OutOfRange;
AboveRange: type extends OutOfRange;
OutOfBounds: type extends DetectableValueError;
-- sequence errors
SequenceValueError: type;
BoundedValueChange: type extends SequenceError;
StuckValue: type extends SequenceError;
OutOfOrder: type extends SequenceError;
ServiceValueError: type;
OutOfCalibration: type extends ServiceValueError;
-- Common aliases for value related errors
ValueError renames type ItemValueError;
IncorrectValue renames type ItemValueError;
ValueCorruption renames type ItemValueError;
BadValue renames type ItemValueError;
SequenceError renames type SequenceValueError;
SubtleValueError renames type UndetectableValueError;
BenignValueError renames type DetectableValueError;
SubtleValueCorruption renames type DetectableValueError;
-- Detectability (Benign/Subtle) represent a characteristic of error types
--replication errors
ReplicationError: type;
AsymmetricReplicatesError: type extends ReplicationError;
AsymmetricValue: type extends AsymmetricReplicatesError;
AsymmetricApproximateValue: type extends AsymmetricValue;
AsymmetricExactValue: type extends AsymmetricValue;
AsymmetricTiming: type extends AsymmetricReplicatesError;
AsymmetricOmission: type extends AsymmetricReplicatesError;
AsymmetricItemOmission: type extends AsymmetricOmission;
AsymmetricServiceOmission: type extends AsymmetricOmission;
SymmetricReplicatesError: type extends ReplicationError;
SymmetricValue: type extends SymmetricReplicatesError;
SymmetricApproximateValue: type extends SymmetricValue;
SymmetricExactValue: type extends SymmetricValue;
SymmetricTiming: type extends SymmetricReplicatesError;
SymmetricOmission: type extends SymmetricReplicatesError;
SymmetricItemOmission: type extends SymmetricOmission;
SymmetricServiceOmission: type extends SymmetricOmission;
-- aliases for replication
InconsistentValue renames type AsymmetricValue;
InconsistentTiming renames type AsymmetricTiming;
InconsistentOmission renames type AsymmetricOmission;
InconsistentItemOmission renames type AsymmetricItemOmission;
InconsistentServiceOmission renames type AsymmetricServiceOmission;
AsymmetricTransmissive renames type AsymmetricValue;
--concurrency errors
ConcurrencyError: type;
RaceCondition: type extends ConcurrencyError;
ReadWriteRace: type extends RaceCondition;
WriteWriteRace: type extends RaceCondition;
MutExError: type extends ConcurrencyError;
Deadlock: type extends MutExError;
Starvation: type extends MutExError;
--authorization and authentication errors
AuthorizationError: type;
AuthenticationError: type;
end types;
end ErrorLibrary;
......@@ -28,6 +28,7 @@ AADL_V2_PROPERTIES = $(srcdir)/AADLv2/aadl_project.aadl \
$(srcdir)/AADLv2/pok_properties.aadl \
$(srcdir)/AADLv2/programming_properties.aadl \
$(srcdir)/AADLv2/base_types.aadl \
$(srcdir)/AADLv2/errorlibrary.aadl \
$(srcdir)/AADLv2/taste_properties.aadl \
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