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property set Taste is
Interface_Coordinates : aadlstring applies to (subprogram access, bus access);
Coordinates : aadlstring applies to
(system, package, device, memory, processor, process, access,
subprogram access, connection, bus, virtual bus, feature group);
Fill_Color : aadlstring applies to
(system, device, processor, process, bus);
HWLibraries : list of aadlstring applies to(package);
Data_Transport : enumeration (legacy,asn1) applies to (device, abstract);
Importance: enumeration (low, medium, high) applies to (system, subprogram access, access);
APLC_Binding : list of reference (process) applies to (process, device, system);
APLC_Properties : record
(APLC : aadlstring;
Coordinates : aadlstring;
Source_Language: Supported_Source_Language;) applies to (process);
ASN1_types: type enumeration
ASN1_Basic_Type : Taste::ASN1_types applies to (data);
FS_Default_Value : aadlstring applies to (data);
Deadline : inherit Time => Period
applies to (thread,
thread group,
subprogram access);
-- Types and enumerations --
Max_Priority_Value : constant aadlinteger => 28;
-- Parametric example of maximum priority
-- Priority and Interrupt Priority are contiguous intervals
Min_Interrupt_Priority_Value : constant aadlinteger => 29;
Max_Interrupt_Priority_Value : constant aadlinteger => 31;
-- Maximum and minimum interrupt priority
-- Removed, these types have been defined in AADLv2 standard property
-- set Thread_Properties
-- Priority_Type : type aadlinteger 0 .. value (Max_Priority_Value);
-- -- We must define a property type to be able to reference it
-- Priority : Priority_Type applies to
-- (thread,
-- thread group,
-- process);
-- Interrupt_Priority : aadlinteger
-- value(Min_Interrupt_Priority_Value) .. value
-- (Max_Interrupt_Priority_Value) applies to
-- (thread,
-- thread group,
-- process);
Criticality_Level_Type : type enumeration (A, B, C, D, E);
-- Criticality levels
Transmission_Type : type enumeration
-- Message transmission kind
Frequency : type aadlinteger 0 Hz .. Max_Aadlinteger
units (
KHz => Hz * 1000,
MHz => KHz * 1000,
GHz => MHz * 1000);
-- Frequency of a processor
-- Partition --
Criticality : Taste::Criticality_Level_Type applies to (process, system);
Local_Scheduling_Policy : Supported_Scheduling_Protocols
applies to (process, system);
Time_Budget : aadlinteger applies to (process, system);
Budget_Replenishment_Period : Time applies to (process, system);
Storage_Budget : Size applies to (process, system);
-- XXX replace this with Source_Code_Size ?
-- RCM VM --
-- Min_Priority : Priority_Type applies to (processor);
-- Max_Priority : Priority_Type applies to (processor);
-- Min_Interrupt_Priority : Priority_Type applies to (processor);
-- Max_Interrupt_Priority : Priority_Type applies to (processor);
-- To express the Global scheduling policy, we use the standard
-- property Global_Scheduler_Policy of type
-- Supported_Scheduling_Protocols.
Longest_Critical_Section : Time applies to (processor);
-- To describe the clock period we use the standard property
-- Clock_Period of standard type Time.
Periodic_Clock_Interrupt_Period : Time applies to (processor);
Periodic_Clock_Handler : Time applies to (processor);
Demanded_Clock_Handler : Time applies to (processor);
Interrupt_Handler : Time applies to (processor);
External_Interrupt : Time applies to (processor);
Wakeup_Jitter : Time applies to (processor);
Ready : Time applies to (processor);
Select : Time applies to (processor);
Context_Switch : Time applies to (processor);
Signal : Time applies to (processor);
Suspension_Call : Time applies to (processor);
Wait_Call : Time applies to (processor);
Priority_Raising : Time applies to (processor);
Priority_Lowering : Time applies to (processor);
Barrier_Evaluation : Time applies to (processor);
Budget_Replenishment_Overhead : Time applies to (processor);
Budget_Exhausted_Recovery_Call : Time applies to (processor);
-- Devices --
-- Processor
Processor_Speed : Taste::Frequency applies to (processor);
-- XXX to be replaced with AADLv2 property
-- Interconnection
-- To express the message size bounds we use the standard property
-- Allowed_Message_Size which is a range of standard type Size.
-- To describe the propagation delay and the transmission time on a
-- bus, we use the standard properties Propagation_Delay and
-- Transmission_Time.
Interconnection_Speed_Factor : aadlreal applies to (bus);
Transmission_Kind : Taste::Transmission_Type applies to (bus);
Bandwidth : Data_Volume applies to (bus);
-- Networking protocol
-- Memory
Memory_Size : Size applies to (memory);
Access_Time : Time applies to (memory);
Access_Bandwidth : Data_Volume applies to (bus);
-- Deployment Properties --
-- To express the binding of an AP-Level container to a processor, we
-- use the standard property Actual_Processor_Binding.
-- To express the binding of a connection between a couple of
-- (provided, required) interfaces of two AP-Level containers to a
-- bus, a processor or a device, we use the standard property
-- Actual_Connection_Binding.
-- To express the binding of an AP-level container to a particular
-- memory, we use the standard property Actual_Memory_Binding.
-- Properties relative to the RCM grammar --
RCMoperation: classifier(subprogram) applies to (event port, event data port);
RCMoperationKind_list: type enumeration
RCMoperationKind: Taste::RCMoperationKind_list
applies to (event port, event data port, access, subprogram access);
RCMceiling: aadlinteger
applies to (event port, event data port);
RCMperiod: Time applies to (event port, event data port, access, subprogram access);
RCMpartition: reference (system) applies to (system);
dataview : list of aadlstring applies to (package, system);
dataviewpath : list of aadlstring applies to (package, system);
Encoding_type : type enumeration (native, uper, acn);
Encoding : Taste::Encoding_type applies to (parameter);
Ada_Package_Name : aadlstring applies to (data);
Forbid_In_PI : aadlboolean applies to (data);
interfaceView : aadlstring applies to (package);
WCET : Time applies to (subprogram access);
Instance_Name : aadlstring applies to (system);
Associated_Queue_Size : aadlinteger applies to (subprogram);
EncodingDefinitionFile : classifier (data) applies to (data);
labelInheritance : aadlstring applies to (subprogram access);
-- new properties for TASTE-IV and TASTE-DV editors v.1.3.5 and later:
version : aadlstring applies to (package);
InterfaceName : aadlstring applies to (subprogram access, feature group);
FunctionName : aadlstring applies to (system);
-- new properties for TASTE-IV editor v.1.4 and later:
Active_Interfaces : enumeration (Enabled,Disabled,Any) => Enabled applies to (system);
end Taste;
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