Commit 51392f63 authored by yoogx's avatar yoogx
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* Change mechanism to compile files, use -aP flag

parent 1ce52033
......@@ -421,10 +421,10 @@ if test ${dotests} = "true" ; then
total=`expr ${total} + 1`
if test -r ${gprfile} ; then
ocarina_gpr="`ocarina-config --prefix`/lib/gnat"
command="ADA_PROJECT_PATH=\"${ocarina_gpr}${path_sep}${ADA_PROJECT_PATH}\" gnatmake -P\"`${path_conv} ${gprfile}`\" -XOBJ_DIR=\"`${path_conv} ${tmpdir}`\""
ocarina_gpr="`ocarina-config --projects`"
command="gnatmake -P\"`${path_conv} ${gprfile}`\" -aP${ocarina_gpr} -XOBJ_DIR=\"`${path_conv} ${tmpdir}`\""
ADA_PROJECT_PATH="${ocarina_gpr}${path_sep}${ADA_PROJECT_PATH}" \
gnatmake -P"`${path_conv} ${gprfile}`" \
gnatmake -P"`${path_conv} ${gprfile}`" -aP${ocarina_gpr} \
-XOBJ_DIR="`${path_conv} ${tmpdir}`" \
>${actual_output} 2>&1
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