Commit 424b1e7f authored by jdelange's avatar jdelange
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* ocarina/src/backends/ocarina-backends-po_hi_c-deployment.adb

   - Ensure that the protocol is correctly defined when trying to map
     its name.

git-svn-id: 129961e7-ef38-4bb5-a8f7-c9a525a55882
parent b6113010
......@@ -2420,7 +2420,10 @@ package body Ocarina.Backends.PO_HI_C.Deployment is
Tmp := First_Node (Lst);
while Present (Tmp) loop
if AAN.Item (Tmp) = Port2 then
if AAN.Item (Tmp) = Port2 and then
Extra_Item (Tmp) /= No_Node and then
(Extra_Item (Tmp)) /= No_Node then
Virtual_Bus := Get_Provided_Virtual_Bus_Class
(Extra_Item (Tmp));
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