Commit 2a4e0d26 authored by jdelange's avatar jdelange
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* AADLv2/arinc653_properties.aadl

   - Update ARINC653 properties definitions according to
     the standard.

git-svn-id: 129961e7-ef38-4bb5-a8f7-c9a525a55882
parent c317d15a
......@@ -29,40 +29,47 @@ property set ARINC653 is
Supported_Recovery_Action: type enumeration
Supported_Partition_Recovery_Action : type enumeration
(Ignore, Partition_Stop, Warm_Restart, Cold_Restart);
Supported_Process_Recovery_Action : type enumeration
(Ignore, Confirm, Partition_Stop, Process_Stop,
Process_Stop_And_Start_Another, Process_Restart,
Nothing, Cold_Restart, Warm_Restart);
Supported_Module_Recovery_Action : type enumeration
(Ignore, Stop, Reset);
HM_Module_Recovery_Actions : list of
ARINC653::Supported_Module_Recovery_Action applies to (processor);
HM_Partition_Recovery_Actions : list of
ARINC653::Supported_Partition_Recovery_Action applies to (virtual processor);
HM_Process_Recovery_Actions : list of
ARINC653::Supported_Process_Recovery_Action applies to (thread);
-- The difference between ignore and nothing is that ignore does
-- not perform anything but logs the error. On the contrary,
-- nothing will do nothing, the HM CallBack should do everything.
Supported_Access_Type : type enumeration (read, write, read_write);
Supported_Memory_Kind : type enumeration (memory_data, memory_code);
Supported_Memory_Type: type enumeration (Data_Memory, Code_Memory, IO_Memory);
HM_Errors : list of ARINC653::Supported_Error_Code
applies to (processor, virtual processor, thread);
HM_Actions : list of ARINC653::Supported_Recovery_Action
applies to (processor, virtual processor, thread);
HM_Callback : classifier (Subprogram Classifier)
HM_Callback : classifier (subprogram Classifier)
applies to (thread, virtual processor, processor);
Memory_Kind : ARINC653::Supported_Memory_Kind applies to (memory);
Memory_Type : list of ARINC653::Supported_Memory_Type
applies to (memory);
Access_Type : ARINC653::Supported_Access_Type applies to (memory);
Timeout : Time applies to (data port, event data port, event port, access);
Timeout : Time applies to (data port, event data port, event port, data access);
Supported_DAL_Type : type enumeration (LEVEL_A, LEVEL_B, LEVEL_C, LEVEL_D, LEVEL_E);
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