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New command line option -t added for the API Python generation

Generation of the GNATColl and python files added
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......@@ -250,6 +250,16 @@ private
procedure W_Type_Attribute (A : String; T : String);
procedure W_With (P : String);
procedure W_Package_Body_Python (prefix : String);
procedure W_Attribute_Body_python (A : String);
procedure W_Attribute_Body_python (A : Types.Node_Id);
procedure W_Attribute_Register_python (A : String; prefix : String);
procedure W_Attribute_Register_python (A : Types.Node_Id; prefix : String);
procedure W_Package_Spec_Python;
procedure W_Python_Script;
procedure W_Attribute_Python_Script (A : String);
procedure W_Attribute_Python_Script (A : Types.Node_Id);
-- General facilities --
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