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* Remove old TODO list

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* tag login date priority
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Priority :
1-2 (nice to have)
3-4 (needed)
5 (default)
6-7 (these)
8-9 (projects)
[FE-AADL] lasnier 080804
Analyze Unit_Identifier in Units_Type declaration
[FE-AADL] lasnier 080710
Disable properly unamed namespace conform to AADL_V2
[FE-AADL] lasnier 080701
Add Legality Rules AADL_V2
[FE-AADL] lasnier 080701
Add Naming and Consistency Rules AADL_V2
[FE-AADL] lasnier 080701
Add Semantics Rules AADL_V2
[ENV] hugues 080701
Make Ocarina pass all tests in the testsuite
[CORE] pautet 080701
Encapsulate function Set_Kind in Ocarina.Nodes
[FE-AADL] pautet 080701
Make ocarina detect a name conflict when defining types such as:
Elec_Units : type units (
V => mV * 1000,
kV => V* 1000,
MV => kV *1000); -- MV conflict with mv because AADL is case-UNsensitive
[BE-HI-ADA] hugues 080701
Support modes for thread compute entrypoints
[BE-HI-ADA] hugues 080701
Support *non* protected data objects with subprogram features (which
are mapped to a generic package and not to a protected type).
[BE-HI-ADA] hugues 080701
Support more than one data access per component
[FE-AADL] lasnier 080701
Check unit type compatibility (integer vs real)
[CORE] gilles 080809 1
Add error messages that allows multiples locations references.
[FE-AADL] delange 081015
Test test036 must fail
[FE-AADL, BE-*] zalila 081022
Raise an error when querying a non standard/predeclared property and
the underlying property set has not been parsed
[TRANSFO] gilles 081103
Manage wrapper in input models
[FE-AADL] delange 081103
Properties on access must be considered.
[BE-*] gilles 081119
Support subprogram access
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