Commit 19b78192 authored by yoogx's avatar yoogx
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* Remove useless occurrence of the Usage function

parent 0a26a50e
......@@ -96,64 +96,6 @@ package body Ocarina.Utils is
& Ocarina.FE_AADL.Parser.Add_Pre_Prop_Sets'Img);
end Print_Status;
-- Usage --
procedure Usage is
Exec_Suffix : String_Access := Get_Executable_Suffix;
Write_Line ("Usage: ");
Write_Line (" "
& Base_Name (Command_Name, Exec_Suffix.all)
& " [options] files");
Write_Line (" OR");
Write_Line (" "
& Base_Name (Command_Name, Exec_Suffix.all)
& " -help");
Write_Line (" files are a non null sequence of AADL files");
Write_Line (" General purpose options:");
Write_Line (" -V Output Ocarina version, then exit");
Write_Line (" -s Output Ocarina search directory, then exit");
Write_Line (" Scenario file options:");
Write_Line (" -b Generate and build code from the AADL model");
Write_Line (" -z Clean code generated from the AADL model");
Write_Line (" -ec Execute the generated application code and");
Write_Line (" retrieve coverage information");
Write_Line (" -er Execute the generated application code and");
Write_Line (" verify that there is no regression");
Write_Line (" -p Only parse and instantiate the application model");
Write_Line (" -c Only perform schedulability analysis");
Write_Line (" Advanced user options:");
Write_Line (" -d Debug mode for developpers");
Write_Line (" -q Quiet mode (default)");
Write_Line (" -t [script] Run Ocarina in terminal interactive mode.");
Write_Line (" If a script is given, interpret it then exit.");
Write_Line (" -v Verbose mode for users");
Write_Line (" -x Parse AADL file as an AADL scenario file");
Write_Line (" -disable-annexes={annexes}"
& " Desactive one or all annexes");
Write_Line (" Annexes :");
Write_Line (" all");
Write_Line (" behavior_specification");
Write_Line (" real");
Free (Exec_Suffix);
end Usage;
-- Load_AADL_File --
......@@ -37,9 +37,6 @@ with Ocarina.ME_AADL.AADL_Tree.Nodes;
package Ocarina.Utils is
procedure Usage;
-- Display a message describing the usage of Ocarina
procedure Print_Status;
-- Display status information on Ocarina
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