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    * src/backends/ocarina-backends-xml_tree-nodes.idl · 27df0842
    julien.delange authored
       - Update the definition of an XML_File so that
         we can specify another extension (.html in our case)
     * src/backends/ocarina-backends-connection_matrix-main.adb
       - Main backend code to produce the connectivity matrix
         of a model.
     * src/backends/ocarina-backends-connection_matrix.adb
       - Entry point for the connection_matrix backend
     * src/backends/ocarina-backends-xml_tree-generator.adb
     * src/backends/ocarina-backends-xml_tree-nutils.adb
       - By default, an XML file node will be created
         with the .xml file extension. .html will be optional
         and must be explicitly set by the user.
     * src/backends/ocarina-backends.adb
       - Integrate the connection_matrix backend
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