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Usage: ocarina [switches] <aadl_files>

 -h, --help           Display help and exit
 --version            Display version and exit
 -v, --verbose        Output extra verbose information
 -q                   Quiet mode (default)
 -d                   Debug mode
 -s                   Output default search directory, then exit
 -aadlv[ARG]          AADL version, ARG = 1 for AADL 1.0, 2 for AADL 2.x
 -f                   Parse predefined non-standard property sets
 -disable-annexes=ARG Deactivate annex ARG
 -r ARG               Use ARG as root system
 -o ARG               Specify output file/directory
 -y                   Automatically load AADL files
 -I ARG               Add ARG to the directory search list
 -p                   Parse and instantiate the model
 -i                   Instantiate the model
 -x                   Parse AADL file as an AADL scenario file
 -g ARG               Generate code using Ocarina backend 'ARG'
 --list-backends      List available backends
 -b                   Compile generated code
 -z                   Clean code generated
 -k ARG               Set POK flavor (arinc653/deos/pok/vxworks)
 -t                   Run Ocarina in terminal interactive mode
 -real_theorem ARG    Name of the main theorem to evaluate
 -real_lib ARG        Add external library of REAL theorems
 -real_continue_eval  Continue evaluation of REAL theorems after first failure (REAL backend)
 -boundt_process ARG  Generate .tpo file for process ARG (Bound-T backend)
 -ec                  Compute coverage metrics
 -er                  Execute system
 -asn1                Generate ASN1 deployment file (PolyORB-HI-C only)
 -perf                Enable profiling with gprof (PolyORB-HI-C only)