Commit f5de4e09 authored by Maxime Perrotin's avatar Maxime Perrotin
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Improve test script

Results are now displyed immediately, and build log is created on the fly
in case of error.
parent 98b9ad44
...@@ -23,11 +23,36 @@ def main(): ...@@ -23,11 +23,36 @@ def main():
paths = sys.argv[2:] paths = sys.argv[2:]
with futures.ProcessPoolExecutor(max_workers=cpu_count()) as executor: with futures.ProcessPoolExecutor(max_workers=cpu_count()) as executor:
for result in, rule), paths): fs = [executor.submit(partial(make, rule), path) for path in paths]
print("%40s: %s" % (result[3].replace("/", ""), colorMe(result[0], for each in futures.as_completed(fs):
'[OK]' if result[0]==0 else '[FAILED]'))) result = each.result()
errcode, stdout, stderr, path, rule = result
name = path.replace("/", "")
print("%40s: %s" % (name,
colorMe (errcode, '[OK]' if errcode==0
else '[FAILED] ... build log in /tmp/{}.err'.format(name))))
sys.stdout.flush() sys.stdout.flush()
if errcode != 0:
# Failure: save the log immediately
with open("/tmp/{}.err".format(name), 'w') as f:
f.write("=" * 80)
f.write("ERROR: %s %s" % (name, rule))
if stdout:
f.write("-- stdout " + "-" * 70)
if stderr:
f.write("-- stderr " + "-" * 70)
f.write("-" * 80)
results.append(result) results.append(result)
# don't use the map function, because it keeps the order of
# submission, meaning that even if a job finishes before the
# previous one started, the log output will be delayed
# for result in, rule), paths):
# print("%40s: %s" % (result[3].replace("/", ""), colorMe(result[0],
# '[OK]' if result[0]==0 else '[FAILED]')))
# sys.stdout.flush()
# results.append(result), 'clean'), paths), 'clean'), paths)
sys.stdout.write('\n') sys.stdout.write('\n')
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