Commit f4c9cf64 authored by Maxime Perrotin's avatar Maxime Perrotin
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Add cores to ocarina_components.aadl used in testsuite

parent 62dcec02
......@@ -2203,18 +2203,32 @@ end gumstix;
-- end gumstix.rtems;
end ocarina_processors_arm;
property set Processor_Properties is
Core_Id : aadlinteger 0 .. Max_Aadlinteger applies to (virtual processor);
end Processor_Properties;
package ocarina_processors_leon
with Deployment;
with Processor_Properties;
processor leon
end leon;
processor leon3 extends leon
end leon3;
virtual processor leon3_core
end leon3_core;
virtual processor implementation leon3_core.generic
end leon3_core.generic;
processor implementation leon3.AIR
Core_1 : virtual processor leon3_core.generic { Processor_Properties::Core_Id => 0;};
Core_2 : virtual processor leon3_core.generic { Processor_Properties::Core_Id => 1;};
Deployment::Execution_Platform => AIR;
end leon3.AIR;
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