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Make connection parsing return option type

parent b3b89882
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ package Option_Type is
type Option is tagged private;
function Just (I : T) return Option;
function Nothing return Option;
-- function Just (O : Option) return T;
function Unsafe_Just (O : Option) return T;
-- function Value (O : Option) return T renames Just;
function Value_Or (O : Option; Default : T) return T;
function Has_Value (O : Option) return Boolean;
......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ private
function Nothing return Option is
(Present => False, others => <>);
-- function Just (O : Option) return T is (O.Value);
function Unsafe_Just (O : Option) return T is (O.Value);
function Value_Or (O : Option; Default : T) return T is
(if O.Present then O.Value else Default);
......@@ -411,25 +411,33 @@ package body Parser_Utils is
Current_Function : Node_Id;
-- Parse a connection
function Parse_Connection (Conn : Node_Id) return Connection is
function Parse_Connection (Conn : Node_Id) return Optional_Connection is
use Option_Connection;
Caller : constant Node_Id := AIN.Item (AIN.First_Node
(AIN.Path (AIN.Destination (Conn))));
Callee : constant Node_Id := AIN.Item (AIN.First_Node
(AIN.Path (AIN.Source (Conn))));
PI_Name : constant Name_Id := Get_Interface_Name
(Get_Referenced_Entity (AIN.Source (Conn)));
PI_Name : Name_Id; -- None in case of cyclic interface
RI_Name : constant Name_Id := Get_Interface_Name
(Get_Referenced_Entity (AIN.Destination (Conn)));
-- Put_Line (AIN.Node_Kind'Image (Kind (Caller)));
return Connection'(Caller =>
-- Filter out connections if the PI is cyclic (not a connection!)
if Get_RCM_Operation_Kind (Caller) = Cyclic_Operation then
return Nothing;
end if;
PI_Name := Get_Interface_Name
(Get_Referenced_Entity (AIN.Source (Conn)));
return Just (Connection'(Caller =>
(if Kind (Caller) = K_Subcomponent_Access_Instance then US ("_env")
else US (AIN_Case (Caller))),
Callee =>
(if Kind (Callee) = K_Subcomponent_Access_Instance then US ("_env")
else US (AIN_Case (Callee))),
PI_Name => US (Get_Name_String (PI_Name)),
RI_Name => US (Get_Name_String (RI_Name)));
RI_Name => US (Get_Name_String (RI_Name))));
end Parse_Connection;
-- Create a vector of connections for a given system
......@@ -438,13 +446,18 @@ package body Parser_Utils is
function Parse_System_Connections (System : Node_Id)
return Channels.Vector
use Option_Connection;
Conn : Node_Id;
Result : Channels.Vector;
Opt_Conn : Optional_Connection;
if Present (AIN.Connections (System)) then
Conn := AIN.First_Node (AIN.Connections (System));
while Present (Conn) loop
Result := Result & Parse_Connection (Conn);
Opt_Conn := Parse_Connection (Conn);
if Opt_Conn.Has_Value then
Result := Result & Opt_Conn.Unsafe_Just;
end if;
Conn := AIN.Next_Node (Conn);
end loop;
end if;
......@@ -174,6 +174,9 @@ package Parser_Utils is
PI_Name : Unbounded_String;
end record;
package Option_Connection is new Option_Type (Connection);
subtype Optional_Connection is Option_Connection.Option;
package Channels is new Indefinite_Vectors (Natural, Connection);
package Connection_Maps is new Indefinite_Ordered_Maps (String,
package Parser_Version is
Parser_Release : constant String :=
"2c4ef76 ; Commit Date: Sat Jul 15 18:25:37 2017 ";
"b3b8988 ; Commit Date: Sun Jul 16 19:13:52 2017 ";
Ocarina_Version : constant String :=
"Ocarina 2017.x (Working Copy from r0338d89)";
end Parser_Version;
\ No newline at end of file
all: build
all: test-parse
$(AADL_PARSER) -glue -i interfaceview.aadl -c deploymentview.aadl -d dataview.aadl ../common/ocarina_components.aadl ../common/TASTE_DV_Properties.aadl
all: build
all: test-parse
$(AADL_PARSER) -gw -i InterfaceView.aadl -d DataView.aadl ../common/TASTE_IV_Properties.aadl
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