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Create separate package for parsing interface view

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......@@ -25,7 +25,8 @@ with Ada.Strings.Unbounded,
use Ada.Strings.Unbounded,
......@@ -43,6 +44,7 @@ use Ada.Strings.Unbounded,
procedure AADL_Parser is
-- *************************** taste aadl parser *********************** --
-- (c) 2017 European Space Agency -
-- LGPL license, see LICENSE file
-- Interface View parser
with Ada.Text_IO,
-- Ada.Characters.Latin_1;
package body Interface_View is
use Ada.Text_IO,
-- Ada.Characters.Latin_1,
-- Get_RCM_Operation_Kind --
function Get_RCM_Operation_Kind
(E : Node_Id) return Supported_RCM_Operation_Kind
RCM_Operation_Kind_N : Name_Id;
RCM_Operation_Kind : constant Name_Id :=
Get_String_Name ("taste::rcmoperationkind");
Unprotected_Name : constant Name_Id := Get_String_Name ("unprotected");
Protected_Name : constant Name_Id := Get_String_Name ("protected");
Cyclic_Name : constant Name_Id := Get_String_Name ("cyclic");
Sporadic_Name : constant Name_Id := Get_String_Name ("sporadic");
Any_Name : constant Name_Id := Get_String_Name ("any");
if Is_Defined_Enumeration_Property (E, RCM_Operation_Kind) then
RCM_Operation_Kind_N :=
Get_Enumeration_Property (E, RCM_Operation_Kind);
if RCM_Operation_Kind_N = Unprotected_Name then
return Unprotected_Operation;
elsif RCM_Operation_Kind_N = Protected_Name then
return Protected_Operation;
elsif RCM_Operation_Kind_N = Cyclic_Name then
return Cyclic_Operation;
elsif RCM_Operation_Kind_N = Sporadic_Name then
return Sporadic_Operation;
elsif RCM_Operation_Kind_N = Any_Name then
return Any_Operation;
end if;
end if;
raise No_RCM_Error;
end Get_RCM_Operation_Kind;
-- Get_RCM_Operation --
function Get_RCM_Operation (E : Node_Id) return Node_Id is
RCM_Operation : constant Name_Id :=
Get_String_Name ("taste::rcmoperation");
if Is_Subprogram_Access (E) then
return Corresponding_Instance (E);
if Is_Defined_Property (E, RCM_Operation) then
return Get_Classifier_Property (E, RCM_Operation);
return No_Node;
end if;
end if;
end Get_RCM_Operation;
-- Get_RCM_Period --
function Get_RCM_Period (D : Node_Id) return Unsigned_Long_Long is
RCM_Period : constant Name_Id := Get_String_Name ("taste::rcmperiod");
if Is_Defined_Integer_Property (D, RCM_Period) then
return Get_Integer_Property (D, RCM_Period);
return 0;
end if;
end Get_RCM_Period;
-- Get_Ada_Package_Name --
function Get_Ada_Package_Name (D : Node_Id) return Name_Id is
Ada_Package_Name : constant Name_id :=
Get_String_Name ("taste::ada_package_name");
return Get_String_Property (D, Ada_Package_Name);
end Get_Ada_Package_Name;
-- Get_Ellidiss_Tool_Version --
function Get_Ellidiss_Tool_Version (D : Node_Id) return Name_Id is
Ellidiss_Tool_Version : constant Name_id :=
Get_String_Name ("taste::version");
return Get_String_Property (D, Ellidiss_Tool_Version);
end Get_Ellidiss_Tool_Version;
-- Get_Interface_Name --
function Get_Interface_Name (D : Node_Id) return Name_Id is
Interface_Name : constant Name_id :=
Get_String_Name ("taste::interfacename");
return Get_String_Property (D, Interface_Name);
end Get_Interface_Name;
-- Get ASN.1 Module name --
function Get_ASN1_Module_Name (D : Node_Id) return String is
id : Name_Id := No_Name;
ASN1_Module : constant Name_id :=
Get_String_Name ("deployment::asn1_module_name");
if Is_Defined_String_Property (D, ASN1_Module) then
id := Get_String_Property (D, ASN1_Module);
return Get_Name_String (id);
return Get_Name_String (Get_String_Name ("nomodule"));
end if;
end Get_ASN1_Module_Name;
-- Get_ASN1_Encoding --
function Get_ASN1_Encoding (E : Node_Id) return Supported_ASN1_Encoding is
ASN1_Encoding_N : Name_Id;
ASN1_Encoding : constant Name_Id := Get_String_Name ("taste::encoding");
Native_Name : constant Name_Id := Get_String_Name ("native");
UPER_Name : constant Name_Id := Get_String_Name ("uper");
ACN_Name : constant Name_Id := Get_String_Name ("acn");
if Is_Defined_Enumeration_Property (E, ASN1_Encoding) then
ASN1_Encoding_N := Get_Enumeration_Property (E, ASN1_Encoding);
if ASN1_Encoding_N = Native_Name then
return Native;
elsif ASN1_Encoding_N = UPER_Name then
return UPER;
elsif ASN1_Encoding_N = ACN_Name then
return ACN;
end if;
end if;
Exit_On_Error (True, "ASN1 Encoding not set");
return Default;
end Get_ASN1_Encoding;
-- Get_ASN1_Basic_Type --
function Get_ASN1_Basic_Type (E : Node_Id) return Supported_ASN1_Basic_Type
ASN1_Basic_Type : constant Name_Id :=
Get_String_Name ("taste::asn1_basic_type");
Sequence_Name : constant Name_Id := Get_String_Name ("asequence");
SequenceOf_Name : constant Name_Id := Get_String_Name ("asequenceof");
Enumerated_Name : constant Name_Id := Get_String_Name ("aenumerated");
Set_Name : constant Name_Id := Get_String_Name ("aset");
SetOf_Name : constant Name_Id := Get_String_Name ("asetof");
Integer_Name : constant Name_Id := Get_String_Name ("ainteger");
Boolean_Name : constant Name_Id := Get_String_Name ("aboolean");
Real_Name : constant Name_Id := Get_String_Name ("areal");
OctetString_Name : constant Name_Id := Get_String_Name ("aoctetstring");
Choice_Name : constant Name_Id := Get_String_Name ("achoice");
String_Name : constant Name_Id := Get_String_Name ("astring");
ASN1_Basic_Type_N : Name_Id;
if Is_Defined_Enumeration_Property (E, ASN1_Basic_Type) then
ASN1_Basic_Type_N := Get_Enumeration_Property (E, ASN1_Basic_Type);
if ASN1_Basic_Type_N = Sequence_Name then
return ASN1_Sequence;
elsif ASN1_Basic_Type_N = SequenceOf_Name then
return ASN1_SequenceOf;
elsif ASN1_Basic_Type_N = Enumerated_Name then
return ASN1_Enumerated;
elsif ASN1_Basic_Type_N = Set_Name then
return ASN1_Set;
elsif ASN1_Basic_Type_N = SetOf_Name then
return ASN1_SetOf;
elsif ASN1_Basic_Type_N = Integer_Name then
return ASN1_Integer;
elsif ASN1_Basic_Type_N = Boolean_Name then
return ASN1_Boolean;
elsif ASN1_Basic_Type_N = Real_Name then
return ASN1_Real;
elsif ASN1_Basic_Type_N = OctetString_Name then
return ASN1_OctetString;
elsif ASN1_Basic_Type_N = Choice_Name then
return ASN1_Choice;
elsif ASN1_Basic_Type_N = String_Name then
return ASN1_String;
raise Program_Error with "Undefined choice "
& Get_Name_String (ASN1_Basic_Type_N);
end if;
end if;
Exit_On_Error (True, "ASN.1 Basic type undefined!");
return ASN1_Unknown;
end Get_ASN1_Basic_Type;
-- Get Optional Worse Case Execution Time (Upper bound in ms) --
function Get_Upper_WCET (Func : Node_Id) return Optional_Long_Long is
(if Is_Subprogram_Access (Func) and then Sources (Func) /= No_List
and then AIN.First_Node (Sources (Func)) /= No_Node
and then Get_Execution_Time (Corresponding_Instance (AIN.Item
(AIN.First_Node (Sources (Func)))))
/= Empty_Time_Array
then Just (To_Milliseconds (Get_Execution_Time (Corresponding_Instance
(AIN.Item (AIN.First_Node (Sources (Func)))))(1)))
else Nothing);
-- AST Builder Functions --
function AADL_to_Ada_IV (System : Node_Id) return Complete_Interface_View is
-- use type Functions.Vector;
use type Channels.Vector;
use type Ctxt_Params.Vector;
use type Parameters.Vector;
use type Connection_Maps.Map;
Functions : Function_Maps.Map;
Routes_Map : Connection_Maps.Map;
Current_Function : Node_Id;
-- Parse a connection
function Parse_Connection (Conn : Node_Id) return Optional_Connection is
use Option_Connection;
Caller : constant Node_Id := AIN.Item (AIN.First_Node
(AIN.Path (AIN.Destination (Conn))));
Callee : constant Node_Id := AIN.Item (AIN.First_Node
(AIN.Path (AIN.Source (Conn))));
PI_Name : Name_Id; -- None in case of cyclic interface
RI_Name : constant Name_Id := Get_Interface_Name
(Get_Referenced_Entity (AIN.Destination (Conn)));
-- If RI_Name has no value it means the interface view misses the
-- AADL property "TASTE::InterfaceName". Not supported.
Exit_On_Error (RI_Name = No_Name,
"Interface view contains errors "
& "(Missing TASTE::InterfaceName properties)"
& " Try updating it with taste-edit-project");
-- Filter out connections if the PI is cyclic (not a connection!)
if Get_RCM_Operation_Kind
(Get_Referenced_Entity (AIN.Destination (Conn))) = Cyclic_Operation
return Nothing;
end if;
PI_Name := Get_Interface_Name
(Get_Referenced_Entity (AIN.Source (Conn)));
return Just (Connection'(Caller =>
(if Kind (Caller) = K_Subcomponent_Access_Instance then US ("_env")
else US (AIN_Case (Caller))),
Callee =>
(if Kind (Callee) = K_Subcomponent_Access_Instance then US ("_env")
else US (AIN_Case (Callee))),
PI_Name => US (Get_Name_String (PI_Name)),
RI_Name => US (Get_Name_String (RI_Name))));
end Parse_Connection;
-- Create a vector of connections for a given system
-- This vector will then be filtered to connect end-to-end functions
-- once the system is flattened
function Parse_System_Connections (System : Node_Id)
return Channels.Vector
use Option_Connection;
Conn : Node_Id;
Result : Channels.Vector;
Opt_Conn : Optional_Connection;
if Present (AIN.Connections (System)) then
Conn := AIN.First_Node (AIN.Connections (System));
while Present (Conn) loop
Opt_Conn := Parse_Connection (Conn);
if Opt_Conn.Has_Value then
Result := Result & Opt_Conn.Unsafe_Just;
end if;
Conn := AIN.Next_Node (Conn);
end loop;
end if;
return Result;
end Parse_System_Connections;
-- Parse an individual context parameter
function Parse_CP (Subco : Node_Id) return Context_Parameter is
CP_ASN1 : constant Node_Id := Corresponding_Instance (Subco);
NA : constant Name_Array := Get_Source_Text (CP_ASN1);
return Context_Parameter'(
Name => US (AIN_Case (Subco)),
Sort => US (Get_Name_String
(Get_Type_Source_Name (CP_ASN1))),
Default_Value => US (Get_Name_String (Get_String_Property
(CP_ASN1, "taste::fs_default_value"))),
ASN1_Module => US (Get_ASN1_Module_Name (CP_ASN1)),
ASN1_File_Name => (if NA'Length > 0 then
Just (US (Get_Name_String (NA (1))))
else Nothing));
end Parse_CP;
-- Parse a single parameter of an interface
-- * Name (Unbounded string)
-- * Sort (Unbounded string)
-- * ASN1_Module (Unbounded string)
-- * ASN1_Basic_Type (Supported_ASN1_Basic_Type)
-- * ASN1_File_Name (Unbounded string)
-- * Encoding (Supported_ASN1_Encoding)
-- * Direction (Parameter_Direction: IN or OUT)
function Parse_Parameter (Param_I : Node_Id) return ASN1_Parameter is
Asntype : constant Node_Id := Corresponding_Instance (Param_I);
return ASN1_Parameter'(
Name => US (AIN_Case (Param_I)),
Sort => US (Get_Name_String (Get_Type_Source_Name (Asntype))),
ASN1_Module =>
US (Get_Name_String (Get_Ada_Package_Name (Asntype))),
ASN1_Basic_Type => Get_ASN1_Basic_Type (Asntype),
ASN1_File_Name =>
US (Get_Name_String (Get_Source_Text (Asntype)(1))),
Encoding => Get_ASN1_Encoding (Param_I),
Direction => (if AIN.Is_In (Param_I)
then param_in else param_out));
end Parse_Parameter;
-- Parse a function interface :
-- * Name (Unbounded string)
-- * Params (Parameters.Vector)
-- * RCM (Supported_RCM_Operation_Kind)
-- * Period_Or_MIAT (Unsigned long long)
-- * WCET_ms (Optional unsigned long long)
-- * Queue_Size (Optional unsigned long long)
-- * User_Properties (Property_Maps.Map)
function Parse_Interface (If_I : Node_Id) return Taste_Interface is
Name : constant Name_Id := Get_Interface_Name (If_I);
CI : constant Node_Id := Corresponding_Instance (If_I);
Result : Taste_Interface;
Sub_I : constant Node_Id := Get_RCM_Operation (If_I);
Param_I : Node_Id;
pragma Assert (Present (Sub_I));
-- Keep compatibility with 1.2 models for the interface name
Result.Name := (if Name = No_Name then US (AIN_Case (If_I)) else
US (Get_Name_String (Name)));
Result.Queue_Size := (if Kind (If_I) = K_Subcomponent_Access_Instance
and then Is_Defined_Property
(CI, "taste::associated_queue_size")
then Just (Get_Integer_Property
(CI, " taste::associated_queue_size"))
else Nothing);
Result.RCM := Get_RCM_Operation_Kind (If_I);
Result.Period_Or_MIAT := Get_RCM_Period (If_I);
Result.WCET_ms := Get_Upper_WCET (If_I);
Result.User_Properties := Get_Properties_Map (If_I);
-- Parameters:
if not Is_Empty (AIN.Features (Sub_I)) then
Param_I := AIN.First_Node (AIN.Features (Sub_I));
while Present (Param_I) loop
if Kind (Param_I) = K_Parameter_Instance then
Result.Params := Result.Params & Parse_Parameter (Param_I);
end if;
Param_I := AIN.Next_Node (Param_I);
end loop;
end if;
return Result;
when No_RCM_Error =>
raise Interface_Error with "Interface " & To_String (Result.Name)
& " has no kind "
& "(periodic, sporadic ...)";
end Parse_Interface;
-- Helper function - return the context name above the current one
-- Needed to resolve the connections to "_env".
function Parent_Context (Context : String) return String is
for Each in Routes_Map.Iterate loop
if Context /= Connection_Maps.Key (Each) then
for Conn of Connection_Maps.Element (Each) loop
if Conn.Caller = Context or Conn.Callee = Context then
return Connection_Maps.Key (Each);
end if;
end loop;
end if;
end loop;
return "ERROR";
end Parent_Context;
-- Recursive function making jumps to find the provided interface
-- connected to a required interface. It returns a Remote Entity,
-- which contains the name of the remote PI and the name of the function
function Rec_Jump (From : String; RI : String;
Going_Out : Boolean := False) return Remote_Entity is
Context : constant String :=
(if Functions.Contains (Key => From)
then To_String (Functions.Element (Key => From).Context)
else (if not Going_Out then From else Parent_Context (From)));
Source : constant String :=
(if Context /= From then From else "_env");
Result : Remote_Entity := (US ("Not found!"), US ("Not found!"));
Connections : Channels.Vector;
Set_Going_Out : Boolean := False;
-- Note: There is a limitation in the interface view when there are
-- nested functions. At the border of a nested function, there can
-- be only ONE function of a given name. This means that it is
-- impossible to have two PIs with the same name, even in different
-- functions, if they are located in the same nested context.
-- * This is NOT RIGHT and should be fixed by Ellidiss *
-- Retrieve the list of connections of the source function context
Connections := Routes_Map.Element (Key => Context);
for Each of Connections loop
if Each.Caller = Source and Each.RI_Name = US (RI) then
-- Found the connection in the current context
-- Now recurse if the callee is a nested block,
-- and return otherwise (if destination is a function)
if Each.Callee = "_env" then
Set_Going_Out := True;
end if;
Result :=
(if Functions.Contains (Key => To_String (Each.Callee))
then (Function_Name => Each.Callee,
Interface_Name => Each.PI_Name)
else Rec_Jump (From => (if not Set_Going_Out
then To_String (Each.Callee)
else Context),
Going_Out => Set_Going_Out,
RI => To_String (Each.PI_Name)));
end if;
exit when Each.Caller = Source and Each.RI_Name = US (RI);
end loop;
return Result;
end Rec_Jump;
-- Parse the following content of a single function :
-- * Name
-- * Language
-- * Zip File
-- * Context Parameters
-- * User Properties (from TASTE_IV_Properties.aadl)
-- * Timers
-- * Provided and Required Interfaces
function Parse_Function (Prefix : String;
Name : String;
Inst : Node_Id) return Taste_Terminal_Function
Result : Taste_Terminal_Function;
-- To get the optional zip filename where user code is stored:
Source_Text : constant Name_Array := Get_Source_Text (Inst);
Zip_Id : Name_Id := No_Name;
-- To get the context parameters
Subco : Node_Id;
-- To get the provided and required interfaces
PI_Or_RI : Node_Id;
Iface : Taste_Interface;
Result.Name := US (Name);
Result.Full_Prefix := (if Prefix'Length > 0 then Just (US (Prefix))
else Nothing);
Result.Language := Get_Source_Language (Inst);
if Source_Text'Length /= 0 then
Zip_Id := Source_Text (1);
Result.Zip_File := Just (US (Get_Name_String (Zip_Id)));
end if;
-- Parse context parameters
if Present (AIN.Subcomponents (Inst)) then
Subco := AIN.First_Node (AIN.Subcomponents (Inst));
while Present (Subco) loop
case Get_Category_Of_Component (Subco) is
when CC_Data =>
Result.Context_Params := Result.Context_Params
& Parse_CP (Subco);
when others =>
end case;
Subco := AIN.Next_Node (Subco);
end loop;
end if;
-- Parse provided and required interfaces
if Present (AIN.Features (Inst)) then
PI_Or_RI := AIN.First_Node (AIN.Features (Inst));
while Present (PI_Or_RI) loop
Iface := Parse_Interface (PI_Or_RI);
Iface.Parent_Function := Result.Name;
if AIN.Is_Provided (PI_Or_RI) then
Result.Provided.Insert (Key => To_String (Iface.Name),
New_Item => Iface);
Result.Required.Insert (Key => To_String (Iface.Name),
New_Item => Iface);
end if;
PI_Or_RI := AIN.Next_Node (PI_Or_RI);
end loop;
end if;
Result.User_Properties := Get_Properties_Map (Inst);
return Result;
when Error : Interface_Error =>
raise Function_Error with "Function " & To_String (Result.Name)
& " : " & Exception_Message (Error);
end Parse_Function;
-- Recursive parsing of a system made of nested functions (TASTE v2)
function Rec_Function (Prefix : String := "";
Context : String := "_Root";
Func : Node_Id) return Boolean is
Inner : Node_Id;
Is_Terminal : Boolean := True;
CI : constant Node_Id := Corresponding_Instance (Func);
Name : constant String := AIN_Case (Func);
Next_Prefix : constant String := Prefix &
(if Prefix'Length > 0 then "." else "") & Name;
Terminal_Fn : Taste_Terminal_Function;
case Get_Category_Of_Component (CI) is
when CC_System =>
if Present (AIN.Subcomponents (CI)) then
Inner := AIN.First_Node (AIN.Subcomponents (CI));
while Present (Inner) loop
Is_Terminal := Rec_Function (Prefix => Next_Prefix,
Context => Name,
Func => Inner);
Inner := AIN.Next_Node (Inner);
end loop;
-- Inner components may not be functions but properties
if not Is_Terminal
Routes_Map.Insert (Key => Name,
New_Item =>
Parse_System_Connections (CI));
end if;
end if;
if No (AIN.Subcomponents (CI)) or Is_Terminal
Terminal_Fn := Parse_Function (Prefix => Prefix,
Name => Name,
Inst => CI);
Terminal_Fn.Context := US (Context);