Commit d133d89f authored by Maxime Perrotin's avatar Maxime Perrotin
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complete test-cv build

parent b59a9a3e
......@@ -28,9 +28,9 @@ end @_CAPITALIZE:Name_@;
procedure @_CAPITALIZE:Name_@ is
procedure C_@_CAPITALIZE:Name_@
with Import, Convention => C, Link_Name => "@_LOWER:Parent_Function_@_PI_@_LOWER:Name_@";
with Import, Convention => C, Link_Name => "@_LOWER:Parent_Function_@_@_LOWER:Name_@";
-- PI has no parameter - directly call user code
-- PI has no parameter - could directly call user code (add _PI_ above)
end @_CAPITALIZE:Name_@;
......@@ -47,6 +47,7 @@ void @_LOWER:Parent_Function_@_@_LOWER:Name_@
@@IF@@ @_Language_@ /= GUI
// Declare user code function as external (it may not have a .h if it is in Ada)
extern void @_LOWER:Parent_Function_@_PI_@_LOWER:Name_@
@@INLINE( \()(,\n )(\);\n)@@
......@@ -70,14 +71,23 @@ void @_LOWER:Parent_Function_@_@_LOWER:Name_@
@@TABLE@@ @@-- encode output parameters
@@IF@@ @_Param_Directions_@ = "PARAM_OUT"
*OUT_@_LOWER:Param_Names_@_len = Encode_@_Param_Encodings_@_@_REPLACE_ALL(-/_):Param_Types_@ (OUT_@_LOWER:Param_Names_@, sizeof (asn1Scc@_REPLACE_ALL(-/_):Param_Types_@), &OUT_@_UPPER:Param_Names_@);
@@ELSE@@ @@-- parameterless functions
void @_LOWER:Parent_Function_@_@_LOWER:Name_@()
// Directly call user code, no parameters to pass
// This could be done directly from the concurrency glue...
@@IF@@ @_Language_@ /= GUI
extern void @_LOWER:Parent_Function_@_PI_@_LOWER:Name_@();
// puts ("@_LOWER:Parent_Function_@_@_LOWER:Name_@ called");
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