Commit c9b8a0b0 authored by Maxime Perrotin's avatar Maxime Perrotin
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Fix regression

parent 698641e6
Subproject commit 0655d36712e079dcf975afb4a1075353cbfdad14
Subproject commit 844cfcc630139c0c9c3c2c41f549946a26ee06c0
......@@ -29,10 +29,17 @@ all: build-default
@@IF@@ @_Unique_Languages_@ = "Ada" or @_Unique_Languages_@ = "SDL"
@@SET@@ Need_Ada=TRUE
@@ELSIF@@ @_Unique_Languages_@ /= "C" and @_Unique_Languages_@ /= "CPP" and @_Unique_Languages_@ /= "Blackbox_C" and @_Unique_Languages_@ /= "GUI"
@@SET@@ Other_DataViews=TRUE
@@ELSIF@@ @_Unique_Languages_@ = GUI
# Generate the language-specific data view needed before editing user code
@@IF@@ not @_Need_Ada_@ and not @_Other_DataViews_@
dataview: dataview/C/built
@@INLINE(dataview: dataview/C/built )( )()@@
@@IF@@ @_Need_Ada_@ = TRUE
......@@ -45,13 +52,11 @@ all: build-default
# Generate the complete dataview, including Python bindings if there is a GUI
@@INLINE(${DATAVIEW_PATH}/built: dataview )( )()@@
@@IF@@ @_Unique_Languages_@ = GUI
@@IF@@ @_Has_GUI_@
${DATAVIEW_PATH}/built: dataview dataview/Python/built
${DATAVIEW_PATH}/built: dataview
touch $@
# Build based on the deployment view
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