Commit b1ab398a authored by Maxime Perrotin's avatar Maxime Perrotin
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Update user code to avoid warnings

parent ddfac914
-- User implementation of the caller_in_ada function
-- This file will never be overwritten once edited and modified
-- Only the interface of functions is regenerated (in the .ads file)
with adaasn1rtl;
use adaasn1rtl;
with taste_dataview;
use taste_dataview;
with Text_IO; use Text_IO;
with interfaces;
use interfaces;
......@@ -24,26 +19,26 @@ package body caller_in_ada is
procedure pulse is
System.IO.Put_Line ("[Ada] Calling in Ada");
Put_Line ("[Ada] Calling in Ada");
RunDriver(i1, i2, o1, o2);"[Ada] i1=");'image(i1));" i2=");'image(i2));" o1=");'image(o1));" o2=");'image(o2));
Put ("[Ada] i1=");
Put (asn1sccMyInteger'image(i1));
Put (" i2=");
Put (asn1sccMyInteger'image(i2));
Put (" o1=");
Put (asn1sccMyInteger'image(o1));
Put (" o2=");
Put (asn1sccMyInteger'image(o2));
if i1 /= o2 or i2 /= o1 then"[...ERROR!");
else Put_Line("...OK");
end if;
i1 := i1 + 1;
i2 := i2 + 1;
end pulse;
begin"[Ada] startup");
Put_line("[Ada] startup");
end caller_in_ada;
......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ void caller_in_c_PI_pulse()
printf("[C] Calling in C\n");
caller_in_c_RI_RunDriver(&i1, &i2, &o1, &o2);
printf ("[C] i1 = %lld, i2 = %lld, o1 = %lld, o2 = %lld", i1,i2,o1,o2);
printf ("[C] i1 = %"PRId64", i2 = %"PRId64", o1 = %"PRId64", o2 = %"PRId64"", i1,i2,o1,o2);
if (i1 != o2 || i2 != o1) {
printf ("... ERROR!\n");
......@@ -6,8 +6,6 @@
void function1_startup()
/* Write your initialization code here,
but do not make any call to a required interface. */
void function1_PI_pulse()
......@@ -15,7 +13,7 @@ void function1_PI_pulse()
static asn1SccT_Int32 i=0, o;
function1_RI_doSomethingInCPP(&i, &o);
printf("Send %lld, got %lld\n", i, o);
printf("Send %"PRId64", got %"PRId64"\n", i, o);
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