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remove C-related imports

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......@@ -27,7 +27,6 @@ with Ada.Strings.Unbounded,
......@@ -48,8 +47,7 @@ use Ada.Strings.Unbounded,
procedure AADL_Parser is
-- ************************ taste aadl parser **************************** --
-- (c) 2015 European Space Agency -
-- LGPL license, see LICENSE file
with Ocarina.Types; use Ocarina.Types;
-- with Types; use Types;
package Imported_Routines is
procedure C_Set_OutDir (Dir : String; Len : Integer);
procedure C_Set_Stack (Val : String; Len : Integer);
procedure C_Set_Timer_Resolution (Val : String; Len : Integer);
procedure C_New_APLC (Arg : String; Len : Integer);
procedure C_New_FV (Arg : String; Len : Integer; CS : String);
procedure C_Set_PolyORBHI_C;
procedure C_Add_PI (Arg : String;
Len : Integer);
procedure C_Add_RI (Arg : String;
Len : Integer;
DistFV : String;
DLen : Integer;
DistName : String;
DistNameLen : Integer);
procedure C_Set_Distant_APLC (Arg : String; Len : Integer);
procedure C_End_IF;
procedure C_End_FV;
procedure C_Set_Root_Node (Arg : String; Len : Integer);
procedure C_New_Process (Arg : String;
Len : Integer;
Id : String;
LenId : Integer;
Node_Name : String;
Len_Node : Integer;
Coverage : Integer);
procedure C_New_Processor (Name : String;
Name_Len : Integer;
Classifier : String;
Classifier_Len : Integer;
Platform : String;
Platform_Len : Integer);
procedure C_New_Bus (Name : String;
Name_Len : Integer;
Classifier : String;
Classifier_Len : Integer);
procedure C_New_Device (Name : String;
Name_Len : Integer;
Classifier : String;
Classifier_Len : Integer;
Associated_Processor : String;
Associated_Processor_Len : Integer;
Configuration : String;
Configuration_Len : Integer;
Accessed_Bus : String;
Accessed_Bus_Len : Integer;
Access_Port : String;
Access_Port_Len : Integer;
Asn1_Filename : String;
Asn1_Filename_Len : Integer;
Asn1_Typename : String;
Asn1_Typename_Len : Integer;
Asn1_Modulename : String;
Asn1_Modulename_Len : Integer);
procedure C_New_Connection (Src_System : String;
Src_System_Length : Integer;
Src_Port : String;
Src_Port_Length : Integer;
Bus : String;
Bus_Length : Integer;
Dst_System : String;
Dst_System_Length : Integer;
Dst_Port : String;
Dst_Port_Length : Integer);
procedure C_Add_Binding (Arg : String; Len : Integer);
procedure C_End_Process;
procedure C_End_Bus;
procedure C_End_Device;
procedure C_End_Connection;
procedure C_Add_In_Param
(name : String;
Len1 : Integer;
partype : String;
Len2 : Integer;
module : String;
Len3 : Integer;
filename : String;
Len4 : Integer);
procedure C_Add_Out_Param
(name : String;
Len1 : Integer;
partype : String;
Len2 : Integer;
module : String;
Len3 : Integer;
filename : String;
Len4 : Integer);
procedure C_Add_Package
(Name : String;
Len : Integer);
procedure C_Set_Compute_Time
(Lower_Bound : Unsigned_Long_Long;
Lower_Unit : String;
Len2 : Integer;
Upper_Bound : Unsigned_Long_Long;
Upper_Unit : String;
Len4 : Integer);
procedure C_Set_Context_Variable
(varName : String;
nameLen : Integer;
varType : String;
typeLen : Integer;
varVal : String;
valLen : Integer;
varMod : String;
modLen : Integer;
varFile : String;
fileLen : Integer;
fullName : String);
procedure C_Set_Period (Period : Unsigned_Long_Long);
procedure C_Set_Interface_Queue_Size (Size : Unsigned_Long_Long);
procedure C_Set_Glue;
procedure C_Set_SMP2;
procedure C_Set_Interfaceview
(name : String;
len : Integer);
procedure C_Set_Dataview
(name : String;
len : Integer);
procedure C_Set_Zipfile
(name : String;
len : Integer);
procedure C_Set_Gateway;
procedure C_Keep_case;
procedure C_Set_Test;
procedure C_Set_Future;
procedure C_Set_OnlyCV;
procedure C_Set_AADLV2;
procedure C_Set_Language_To_SDL;
procedure C_Set_Language_To_Simulink;
procedure C_Set_Language_To_Other;
procedure C_Set_Language_To_C;
procedure C_Set_Language_To_QGenAda;
procedure C_Set_Language_To_QGenC;
procedure C_Set_Language_To_CPP;
procedure C_Set_Language_To_VDM;
procedure C_Set_Language_To_OpenGEODE;
procedure C_Set_Language_To_BlackBox_Device;
procedure C_Set_Language_To_RTDS;
procedure C_Set_Language_To_Rhapsody;
procedure C_Set_Language_To_Scade;
procedure C_Set_Language_To_Ada;
procedure C_Set_Language_To_GUI;
procedure C_Set_Language_To_VHDL;
procedure C_Set_Language_To_System_C;
procedure C_Set_Native_Encoding;
procedure C_Set_UPER_Encoding;
procedure C_Set_ACN_Encoding;
procedure C_Set_Sync_IF;
procedure C_Set_ASync_IF;
procedure C_Set_Unknown_IF;
procedure C_Set_Cyclic_IF;
procedure C_Set_Sporadic_IF;
procedure C_Set_Variator_IF;
procedure C_Set_Protected_IF;
procedure C_Set_Unprotected_IF;
procedure C_Set_UndefinedKind_IF;
procedure C_Init;
procedure C_End;
procedure C_Set_ASN1_BasicType_Sequence;
procedure C_Set_ASN1_BasicType_SequenceOf;
procedure C_Set_ASN1_BasicType_Enumerated;
procedure C_Set_ASN1_BasicType_Set;
procedure C_Set_ASN1_BasicType_SetOf;
procedure C_Set_ASN1_BasicType_Integer;
procedure C_Set_ASN1_BasicType_Boolean;
procedure C_Set_ASN1_BasicType_Real;
procedure C_Set_ASN1_BasicType_Choice;
procedure C_Set_ASN1_BasicType_String;
procedure C_Set_ASN1_BasicType_Unknown;
procedure C_Set_ASN1_BasicType_OctetString;
procedure C_Set_Debug_Messages;
procedure C_New_Drivers_Section;
procedure C_End_Drivers_Section;
pragma Import (C, C_New_Drivers_Section, "New_Drivers_Section");
pragma Import (C, C_End_Drivers_Section, "End_Drivers_Section");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_PolyORBHI_C, "Set_PolyorbHI_C");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Root_Node, "Set_Root_Node");
pragma Import (C, C_New_Process, "New_Process");
pragma Import (C, C_New_Connection, "New_Connection");
pragma Import (C, C_New_Processor, "New_Processor");
pragma Import (C, C_New_Bus, "New_Bus");
pragma Import (C, C_New_Device, "New_Device");
pragma Import (C, C_Add_Binding, "Add_Binding");
pragma Import (C, C_End_Process, "End_Process");
pragma Import (C, C_End_Bus, "End_Bus");
pragma Import (C, C_End_Device, "End_Device");
pragma Import (C, C_End_Connection, "End_Connection");
pragma Import (C, C_Init, "C_Init");
pragma Import (C, C_End, "C_End");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_OutDir, "Set_OutDir");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Interfaceview, "Set_Interfaceview");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Dataview, "Set_Dataview");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Stack, "Set_Stack");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Timer_Resolution, "Set_Timer_Resolution");
pragma Import (C, C_New_APLC, "New_APLC");
pragma Import (C, C_New_FV, "New_FV");
pragma Import (C, C_Add_PI, "Add_PI");
pragma Import (C, C_Add_RI, "Add_RI");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Distant_APLC, "Set_Distant_APLC");
pragma Import (C, C_End_IF, "End_IF");
pragma Import (C, C_End_FV, "End_FV");
pragma Import (C, C_Add_In_Param, "Add_In_Param");
pragma Import (C, C_Add_Out_Param, "Add_Out_Param");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Glue, "Set_Glue");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_SMP2, "Set_SMP2");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Gateway, "Set_Gateway");
pragma Import (C, C_Keep_case, "Set_keep_case");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Test, "Set_Test");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Future, "Set_Future");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_OnlyCV, "Set_OnlyCV");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_AADLV2, "Set_AADLV2");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Language_To_SDL, "Set_Language_To_SDL");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Language_To_Simulink, "Set_Language_To_Simulink");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Language_To_Other, "Set_Language_To_Other");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Language_To_C, "Set_Language_To_C");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Language_To_CPP, "Set_Language_To_CPP");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Language_To_VDM, "Set_Language_To_VDM");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Language_To_OpenGEODE, "Set_Language_To_SDL");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Language_To_BlackBox_Device,
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Language_To_RTDS, "Set_Language_To_RTDS");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Language_To_Rhapsody, "Set_Language_To_Rhapsody");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Language_To_Ada, "Set_Language_To_Ada");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Language_To_QGenAda, "Set_Language_To_QGenAda");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Language_To_QGenC, "Set_Language_To_QGenC");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Language_To_Scade, "Set_Language_To_Scade");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Language_To_GUI, "Set_Language_To_GUI");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Language_To_VHDL, "Set_Language_To_VHDL");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Language_To_System_C, "Set_Language_To_System_C");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_UPER_Encoding, "Set_UPER_Encoding");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_ACN_Encoding, "Set_ACN_Encoding");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Native_Encoding, "Set_Native_Encoding");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Sync_IF, "Set_Sync_IF");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_ASync_IF, "Set_ASync_IF");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Unknown_IF, "Set_Unknown_IF");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Cyclic_IF, "Set_Cyclic_IF");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Sporadic_IF, "Set_Sporadic_IF");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Variator_IF, "Set_Variator_IF");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Protected_IF, "Set_Protected_IF");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Unprotected_IF, "Set_Unprotected_IF");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_UndefinedKind_IF, "Set_UndefinedKind_IF");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Compute_Time, "Set_Compute_Time");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Period, "Set_Period");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Interface_Queue_Size, "Set_Interface_Queue_Size");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Context_Variable, "Set_Context_Variable");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Debug_Messages, "Set_Debug_Messages");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_Zipfile, "Set_Zipfile");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_ASN1_BasicType_Sequence,
pragma Import (C, C_Set_ASN1_BasicType_SequenceOf,
pragma Import (C, C_Set_ASN1_BasicType_Enumerated,
pragma Import (C, C_Set_ASN1_BasicType_Set,
pragma Import (C, C_Set_ASN1_BasicType_SetOf,
pragma Import (C, C_Set_ASN1_BasicType_Integer,
pragma Import (C, C_Set_ASN1_BasicType_Boolean,
pragma Import (C, C_Add_Package,
pragma Import (C, C_Set_ASN1_BasicType_Real, "Set_ASN1_BasicType_Real");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_ASN1_BasicType_Choice, "Set_ASN1_BasicType_Choice");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_ASN1_BasicType_String, "Set_ASN1_BasicType_String");
pragma Import (C, C_Set_ASN1_BasicType_Unknown,
pragma Import (C, C_Set_ASN1_BasicType_OctetString,
end Imported_Routines;
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