Commit aa11c4c5 authored by Maxime Perrotin's avatar Maxime Perrotin
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Improve the parsing of connections

parent e5c29d42
......@@ -423,7 +423,9 @@ package body Parser_Utils is
-- Put_Line (AIN.Node_Kind'Image (Kind (Caller)));
-- Filter out connections if the PI is cyclic (not a connection!)
if Get_RCM_Operation_Kind (Caller) = Cyclic_Operation then
if Get_RCM_Operation_Kind
(Get_Referenced_Entity (AIN.Destination (Conn))) = Cyclic_Operation
return Nothing;
end if;
package Parser_Version is
Parser_Release : constant String :=
"b3b8988 ; Commit Date: Sun Jul 16 19:13:52 2017 ";
"e5c29d4 ; Commit Date: Tue Jul 18 10:06:32 2017 ";
Ocarina_Version : constant String :=
"Ocarina 2017.x (Working Copy from r0338d89)";
end Parser_Version;
\ No newline at end of file
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