Commit a3cb5e26 authored by Maxime Perrotin's avatar Maxime Perrotin
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Improve makefile

parent a4a984ef
......@@ -5,26 +5,25 @@ export USER_LDFLAGS=
# you can add folders with source code you want to compile
all: c ada
all: c ada rtems
ada: kazoo-ada
rm -rf output.ada
$(KAZOO) --gw -o output.ada --glue --debug
cp simple_c_function/*.c output.ada/simple_c_function/C/src
$(MAKE) -C output.ada
c: kazoo-c # Polyorb_HI_C output
cp simple_c_function/*.c output.c/simple_c_function/C/src
$(MAKE) -C output.c
$(MAKE) -C output.c build-rtems-ada
kazoo-ada: clean-ada
$(KAZOO) --gw \
-o output.ada \
--glue \
kazoo-c: clean-c
$(KAZOO) -p --gw --glue -o output.c
c: # Polyorb_HI_C output
rm -rf work
$(KAZOO) -p --gw --glue -o work
cp simple_c_function/*.c work/simple_c_function/C/src
$(MAKE) -C work
rm -f output.rtems
$(KAZOO) -p --gw --glue -o output.rtems
cp simple_c_function/*.c output.rtems/simple_c_function/C/src
$(MAKE) -C output.rtems build-rtems-ada
gdb-ada: clean
gdb --args $(KAZOO) --gw --glue --debug -o output.gdb
......@@ -36,14 +35,17 @@ clean-ada:
rm -rf output.ada
rm -rf output.c
rm -rf work
rm -rf output.rtems
$(KAZOO) --gw -o output.c
$(MAKE) -C output.c dataview
$(KAZOO) --gw -o work
$(MAKE) -C work dataview
clean-skeletons: clean-c
clean: clean-ada clean-c
clean: clean-ada clean-c clean-rtems
.PHONY: clean clean-ada clean-c kazoo-ada kazoo-c gdb-ada gdb-c c ada skeletons-c clean-skeletons
.PHONY: clean clean-ada clean-c clean-rtems kazoo-ada kazoo-c gdb-ada gdb-c c ada skeletons-c clean-skeletons
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