Commit 932b4596 authored by Maxime Perrotin's avatar Maxime Perrotin
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Check if functions are on the same node

parent 7ea77e1f
......@@ -252,7 +252,7 @@ package body TASTE.AADL_Parser is
-- Create one protected block per application code
for F of Model.Interface_View.Flat_Functions loop
New_Block : Protected_Block :=
Block : Protected_Block :=
(Name => F.Name,
Node => Model.Deployment_View.Find_Node (To_String (F.Name)),
others => <>);
......@@ -267,19 +267,41 @@ package body TASTE.AADL_Parser is
then Unprotected_Operation
else Protected_Operation);
-- Check in the DV if any caller is remote
for Caller of PI.Remote_Interfaces loop
for Remote of PI.Remote_Interfaces loop
Remote_Node : constant Option_Node.Option :=
(To_String (Remote.Function_Name));
if not Remote_Node.Has_Value then
raise Concurrency_View_Error with
"Calling function "
& To_String (Remote.Function_Name)
& ": could not find binding (parser bug?)";
end if;
if not Block.Node.Has_Value then
raise Concurrency_View_Error with
"Function "
& To_String (F.Name)
& ": cound not find binding (parser bug?)";
end if;
if Block.Node.Unsafe_Just /= Remote_Node.Unsafe_Just
-- At least one caller is on a different node
New_PI.Local_Caller := False;
end if;
end loop;
New_Block.Provided.Insert (Key => To_String (PI.Name),
Block.Provided.Insert (Key => To_String (PI.Name),
New_Item => New_PI);
end loop;
New_Block.Required := F.Required;
Block.Required := F.Required;
-- Find calling threads and add them to New_Block.Calling_Threads
-- Add the block to the Concurrency View
Result.Blocks.Insert (Key => To_String (New_Block.Name),
New_Item => New_Block);
Result.Blocks.Insert (Key => To_String (Block.Name),
New_Item => Block);
end loop;
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