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Use $(MAKE) instead of "make" everywhere

parent b2220c57
......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@
../@_LOWER:Name_@/SDL/code/@_LOWER:Name_@.adb: @_Shared_Lib_Dir_@/@_LOWER:Instance_Of_@/@_LOWER:Instance_Of_@/SDL/src/ @_Shared_Lib_Dir_@/@_LOWER:Instance_Of_@/@_LOWER:Instance_Of_@/SDL/src/
# Call opengeode to generate the functional code
make -j -C ../@_LOWER:Name_@/SDL generate-code
$(MAKE) -j -C ../@_LOWER:Name_@/SDL generate-code
@@ELSIF@@ @_Zip_File_@ /= ""
@# -u does not overwrite existing files (e.g. the .h generated by kazoo)
......@@ -18,11 +18,11 @@
@_LOWER:Node_Name_@_@_CPU_Name_@: @_LOWER:REPLACE_ALL(,/):Partition_Names_@ DriversConfig/drivers_config.h
make -j -C @_Node_Name_@ -f Makefile.@_Node_Name_@
$(MAKE) -j -C @_Node_Name_@ -f Makefile.@_Node_Name_@
@_LOWER:Node_Name_@_simu: @_LOWER:REPLACE_ALL(,/):Partition_Names_@ DriversConfig/drivers_config.h
make -j -C @_Node_Name_@ -f Makefile.@_Node_Name_@ simulate
$(MAKE) -j -C @_Node_Name_@ -f Makefile.@_Node_Name_@ simulate
# Force build of node @_Node_Name_@ for RTEMS
# (rule generated by templates/concurrency_view/aadl_4_makefile/node.tmplt)
......@@ -64,7 +64,7 @@ rtems_ada:
make -j -C @_Node_Names_@ -f Makefile.@_Node_Names_@ debug_rtems_leon3_with_ada
$(MAKE) -j -C @_Node_Names_@ -f Makefile.@_Node_Names_@ debug_rtems_leon3_with_ada
@@INLINE()( )()@@
......@@ -84,9 +84,9 @@ air:
../../../common/ocarina_components.aadl && \
cd deploymentview_final && rm -f Makefile && (configure --keep-files-silent)
@echo "XML generated, AIR configuration done, building..."
make -j -C @_Node_Names_@ -f Makefile.@_Node_Names_@ air
$(MAKE) -j -C @_Node_Names_@ -f Makefile.@_Node_Names_@ air
@echo Putting partitions alltogether
make -j -f Makefile.air && mkdir -p ../binaries && cp deploymentview_final/executable/* ../binaries
$(MAKE) -j -f Makefile.air && mkdir -p ../binaries && cp deploymentview_final/executable/* ../binaries
@@-- If there are busses, there are drivers, and therefore asn1 configurations
......@@ -106,7 +106,7 @@ DriversConfig/drivers_config.h: # Not a distributed system => nothing to do
make -C @_Node_Names_@ -f Makefile.@_Node_Names_@ clean
$(MAKE) -C @_Node_Names_@ -f Makefile.@_Node_Names_@ clean
rm -rf *_adainit deploymentview_final
......@@ -32,17 +32,17 @@ include $(AIR_ROOT)/
# All
.PHONY : all
make -C deploymentview_final/common
make -C deploymentview_final/config all
$(MAKE) -C deploymentview_final/common
$(MAKE) -C deploymentview_final/config all
# Clean
.PHONY : clean
make -C deploymentview_final/common clean
make -C deploymentview_final/config clean
$(MAKE) -C deploymentview_final/common clean
$(MAKE) -C deploymentview_final/config clean
# Distclean
.PHONY : distclean
distclean: clean
make -C deploymentview_final/config distclean
$(MAKE) -C deploymentview_final/config distclean
$(AIR_TOOLS)/configurator clean
......@@ -29,6 +29,8 @@ export PROJECT_CACHE=${HOME}/.taste_AST_cache
@@IF@@ @_Target_@ /= SIMU
all: build-default
@@-- for pure simulation target, force the generation of the Ada dataview
@@SET@@ Need_Ada = TRUE
# Build a simulator of the system
all: aadl2glueC build/system_config.h ${DATAVIEW_PATH}/built build/deploymentview_final/Makefile
cd dataview && taste-asn1-iterators --raw dataview-uniq.asn
......@@ -45,12 +47,6 @@ all: aadl2glueC build/system_config.h ${DATAVIEW_PATH}/built build/deploymentvie
@@-- for pure simulation target, force the generation of the Ada dataview
@@IF@@ @_Target_@ = SIMU
@@SET@@ Need_Ada = TRUE
# Generate the language-specific data view needed before editing user code
@@IF@@ not @_Need_Ada_@ and not @_Other_DataViews_@
dataview: dataview/C/built
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