Commit 7f92f213 authored by Maxime Perrotin's avatar Maxime Perrotin
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Add list of partition names for node templates

parent 557209d7
......@@ -218,16 +218,20 @@ package body TASTE.Concurrency_View is
-- Generate the code for one node
function Generate_Node (Node_Name : String) return String is
Partitions : Unbounded_String;
Node_Assoc : Translate_Set;
Partitions : Unbounded_String;
Partition_Names : Tag;
Node_Assoc : Translate_Set;
for Partition in CV.Nodes (Node_Name).Partitions.Iterate loop
Partition_Names := Partition_Names
& CV_Partitions.Key (Partition);
Partitions := Partitions & Newline
& Generate_Partition
(Partition_Name => CV_Partitions.Key (Partition),
Node_Name => Node_Name);
end loop;
Node_Assoc := +Assoc ("Partitions", Partitions)
& Assoc ("Partition_Names", Partition_Names)
& Assoc ("Node_Name", Node_Name);
return Parse (Path & "/node.tmplt", Node_Assoc);
end Generate_Node;
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