Commit 7dd9fa58 authored by Maxime Perrotin's avatar Maxime Perrotin
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Use gprbuild to compile Ada code from Opengeode

parent 5b98c908
......@@ -12,15 +12,16 @@ clean:
rm -rf obj
mkdir -p obj && cd obj && \
mkdir -p code && cd code && \
@@IF@@ @_EXIST:Instance_Of_@
opengeode --toAda ../src/ ../../../@_LOWER:Instance_Of_@/SDL/src/ && \
ADA_INCLUDE_PATH=../../../@_LOWER:Instance_Of_@/SDL/obj/:../../../dataview/Ada gnat make @_LOWER:Name_@
mv *.gpr .. && cd .. && \
ADA_INCLUDE_PATH=../../../@_LOWER:Instance_Of_@/SDL/code/:../../../dataview/Ada gprbuild -p -P @_LOWER:Name_@_ada.gpr
opengeode --toAda ../src/ ../src/ && \
@@IF@@ not @_Is_Type_@ and not @_EXIST:Instance_Of_@
ADA_INCLUDE_PATH=../../../dataview/Ada gnat make @_LOWER:Name_@
@@IF@@ not @_Is_Type_@ and not @_EXIST:Instance_Of_@
mv *.gpr .. && cd .. && ADA_INCLUDE_PATH=../../../dataview/Ada gprbuild -p -P @_LOWER:Name_@_ada.gpr
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