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Pick more from the orchestrator

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......@@ -26,5 +26,61 @@ void @_LOWER:Parent_Function_@_RI_@_LOWER:Name_@
void @_LOWER:Parent_Function_@_RI_@_LOWER:Name_@(void)
puts ("@_LOWER:Parent_Function_@_RI_@_LOWER:Name_@ called");
puts ("[TASTE] @_LOWER:Parent_Function_@_RI_@_LOWER:Name_@ called");
#ifdef __unix__
// Log MSC data on Linux when environment variable is set
static int innerMsc = -1;
if (-1 == innerMsc)
innerMsc = (NULL != getenv("TASTE_INNER_MSC"))?1:0;
if (1 == innerMsc) {
long long msc_time = getTimeInMilliseconds();
@@IF@@ @_Param_Directions_@ = PARAM_IN
PrintASN1@_REPLACE_ALL(-/_):Param_Types_@ ("INNERDATA: @_LOWER:Name_@::@_REPLACE_ALL(-/_):Param_Types_@::@_LOWER:Param_Names_@", IN_@_LOWER:Param_Names_@);
puts(""); // add newline
@@-- Had to comment the line below, because we miss the destination function (in place of gnc)
@@-- When we have multicast me need to to emit the line several times (and need to add support)
//printf ("INNER: @_LOWER:Parent_Function_@,gnc,@_LOWER:Name_@,%lld\n", msc_time);
@@IF@@ @_Param_Directions_@ = PARAM_IN
// Encode parameter @_Param_Names_@
static char IN_buf_@_LOWER:Param_Names_@[sizeof(asn1Scc@_REPLACE_ALL(-/_):Param_Types_@)] = {0};
int size_IN_buf_@_LOWER:Param_Names_@ =
(IN_buf_@_LOWER:Param_Names_@, sizeof(asn1Scc@_REPLACE_ALL(-/_):Param_Types_@), IN_@_LOWER:Param_Names_@);
if (-1 == size_IN_buf_@_LOWER:Param_Names_@) {
#ifdef __unix__
puts ("[ERROR] ASN.1 Encoding failed in @_LOWER:Parent_Function_@_RI_@_LOWER:Name_@, parameter @_Param_Names_@");
/* Crash the application due to message loss */
extern void abort (void);
// Call Middleware interface (TODO)
// extern void vm_@_LOWER:Parent_Function_@_@_LOWER:Name_@ ( ... )
// vm_@_LOWER:Parent_Function_@_@_LOWER:Name_@ ( ... )
@@IF@@ @_Param_Directions_@ = PARAM_OUT
// Decode parameter @_Param_Names_@
static char OUT_buf_@_LOWER:Param_Names_@[sizeof(asn1Scc@_REPLACE_ALL(-/_):Param_Types_@)];
size_t size_OUT_buf_@_LOWER:Param_Names_@ = 0;
if (0 != Decode_@_Param_Encodings_@_@_REPLACE_ALL(-/_):Param_Types_@
(OUT_@_LOWER:Param_Names_@, OUT_buf_@_LOWER:Param_Names_@, size_OUT_buf_@_LOWER:Param_Names_@)) {
#ifdef __unix__
puts ("[ERROR] ASN.1 Decoding failed in @_LOWER:Parent_Function_@_RI_@_LOWER:Name_@, parameter @_Param_Names_@");
......@@ -63,6 +63,9 @@ dataviews:
cp $(shell taste-config --prefix)/share/AutoGUI/debug_messages.? dataview/C
cp $(shell taste-config --prefix)/share/AutoGUI/timeInMS.? dataview/C
cd dataview/C && msgPrinter ../dataview-uniq.asn && msgPrinterASN1 ../dataview-uniq.asn
@@-- Then symlink the files for each function
@@IF@@ @_Language_@ = "SDL"
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