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Update Makefile of test case

parent e0c9082e
......@@ -448,6 +448,14 @@ package body TASTE.Concurrency_View is
(if Trigger then Generate_Node (Node_Name)
else "");
if Node_Name /= "interfaceview" then
Put_Debug (Path & " :" & Trigger'Img
& " (" & Node_Name & ")");
Put_Debug (Strip_String
(Parse (Path & "/trigger.tmplt",
end if;
if Trigger then
-- Associate node name, CPU name and CPU classifier
all: test-parse
make -C output
cp output/obsw/SDL/src
cd output/concurrency_view && \
make -C output.ada
cp output.ada/obsw/SDL/src
cd output.ada/concurrency_view && \
ocarina -x main.aadl && \
make -f Makefile.taste
c: # Polyorb_HI_C output
$(KAZOO) -p --gw --glue --debug -o output_pohic && \
make -C output_pohic && \
cp output_pohic/obsw/SDL/src && \
cd output_pohic/concurrency_view && \
$(KAZOO) -p --gw --glue --debug -o output.pohic && \
make -C output.pohic && \
cp output.pohic/obsw/SDL/src && \
cd output.pohic/concurrency_view && \
ocarina -x main.aadl && \
make -f Makefile.taste
test-parse: clean
$(KAZOO) --gw \
-o output \
-o output.ada \
--glue \
test-parse-c: clean
$(KAZOO) -p --gw \
-o output \
-o output.pohic \
buildsupport -o buildsupport_pohic -p --aadlv2 --glue -i InterfaceView.aadl -c DeploymentView.aadl -d DataView.aadl ../common/ocarina_components.aadl ../common/TASTE_IV_Properties.aadl ../common/TASTE_DV_Properties.aadl
buildsupport -o output.buildsupport.pohic -p --aadlv2 --glue -i InterfaceView.aadl -c DeploymentView.aadl -d DataView.aadl ../common/ocarina_components.aadl ../common/TASTE_IV_Properties.aadl ../common/TASTE_DV_Properties.aadl
buildsupport -o buildsupport_ada --aadlv2 --glue -i InterfaceView.aadl -c DeploymentView.aadl -d DataView.aadl ../common/ocarina_components.aadl ../common/TASTE_IV_Properties.aadl ../common/TASTE_DV_Properties.aadl
buildsupport -o output.buildsupport.ada --aadlv2 --glue -i InterfaceView.aadl -c DeploymentView.aadl -d DataView.aadl ../common/ocarina_components.aadl ../common/TASTE_IV_Properties.aadl ../common/TASTE_DV_Properties.aadl
gdb: clean
gdb --args $(KAZOO) --gw \
-o output \
-o output.pohic \
--glue \
rm -rf output
rm -rf output.ada output.pohic
.PHONY: clean test-parse gdb
.PHONY: clean test-parse gdb test-parse-c buildsupport_pohic buildsupport_pohiada c
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