Commit 454f680e authored by Maxime Perrotin's avatar Maxime Perrotin
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Simplify CV model creation

parent 9c5876c3
......@@ -246,18 +246,9 @@ package body TASTE.AADL_Parser is
end Find_Binding;
procedure Set_Calling_Threads (CV : in out Taste_Concurrency_View) is
Visited_Threads : String_Sets.Set;
procedure Rec_Add_Calling_Thread (Thread_Id : String;
Block_Id : String;
Visited : in out String_Sets.Set) is
use String_Sets;
Current_Thread : constant String_Sets.Set := To_Set (Thread_Id);
Block_Id : String) is
if Current_Thread.Is_Subset (Of_Set => Visited) then
Visited := Visited or Current_Thread;
end if;
-- First add thread to its corresponding protected function
CV.Blocks (Block_Id).Calling_Threads.Insert (Thread_Id);
-- Then recurse on its (Un)protected RIs.
......@@ -267,8 +258,7 @@ package body TASTE.AADL_Parser is
for Remote of RI.Remote_Interfaces loop
(Thread_Id => Thread_Id,
Block_Id => To_String (Remote.Function_Name),
Visited => Visited);
Block_Id => To_String (Remote.Function_Name));
end loop;
end if;
end loop;
......@@ -277,8 +267,7 @@ package body TASTE.AADL_Parser is
for Each of CV.Threads loop
Rec_Add_Calling_Thread (Thread_Id => To_String (Each.Name),
Block_Id => To_String
Visited => Visited_Threads);
end loop;
end Set_Calling_Threads;
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