Commit 3735c2ce authored by Laura Alexandra Sequeira Gouveia's avatar Laura Alexandra Sequeira Gouveia
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Update templates of Zynq-7000 to match processor renaming.

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......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ all: debug_native
all: debug_rtems_leon3_with_ada
@@ELSIF@@ @_CPU_Platform_@ = PLATFORM_AIR
all: air
@@ELSIF@@ @_CPU_Platform_@ = PLATFORM_ZYNQ
@@ELSIF@@ @_CPU_Platform_@ = PLATFORM_ZYNQZC706
all: zynq
all: zynq_qemu
......@@ -145,7 +145,7 @@ ${DATAVIEW_AADLV2}: ${DATAVIEW_UNIQ}
@@IF@@ not @_Is_Type_@
@_LOWER:Function_Names_@/@_Language_@/wrappers/aadl2glueC_built: @_LOWER:Function_Names_@/@_Language_@/wrappers/@_LOWER:Function_Names_@_mini_cv.aadl ${DATAVIEW_AADLV1}
@@IF@@ @_Is_FPGA_@ and @_CPU_Platform_@ = PLATFORM_ZYNQ
@@IF@@ @_Is_FPGA_@ and @_CPU_Platform_@ = PLATFORM_ZYNQZC706
aadl2glueC -fpga ZYNQZC706 -o $(dir $@) $^
aadl2glueC -o $(dir $@) $^
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