Commit 1621ade4 authored by Maxime Perrotin's avatar Maxime Perrotin
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Iterate on the vertical transformations

parent a7a1b0d9
......@@ -46,8 +46,6 @@ package body TASTE.Model_Transformations is
if (PI.RCM = Cyclic_Operation or PI.RCM = Sporadic_Operation)
and then Count_Passive_PI + Count_Active_PI > 1
-- Create a separate function to handle this PI
-- It will be later translated into a thread
New_F : Taste_Terminal_Function :=
(Name => F.Name & "_" & PI.Name,
......@@ -56,10 +54,31 @@ package body TASTE.Model_Transformations is
others => <>);
New_F_PI : Taste_Interface := PI;
New_F_RI : Taste_Interface := PI;
Remote : constant Remote_Entity :=
(Function_Name => F.Name,
Interface_Name => PI.Name);
New_F_PI.Parent_Function := New_F.Name;
New_F_RI.Parent_Function := New_F.Name;
-- Set the information about the function to which the new
-- RI is connected.
New_F_RI.Remote_Interfaces.Append (Remote);
-- Update the Remote interfaces of the callers of the PI to
-- make them point to the new function
-- TODO (need access to the model..)
-- we can probably do it after we return, since we will have
-- both the list of new funcxtions and the model
-- Change the nature of the PI that triggered a new function
-- (Unprotected if the function only contained one active PI,
-- and possibly any number of other unprotected PIs)
PI.RCM := (if Count_Active_PI > 1
then Protected_Operation else Unprotected_Operation);
-- Add the PI and RI to the new function
New_F.Provided.Insert (Key => To_String (PI.Name),
New_Item => New_F_PI);
New_F.Required.Insert (Key => To_String (New_F_RI.Name),
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