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......@@ -3,4 +3,9 @@ Possible template for en End-to-End simulator reference architecture and impleme
Run "taste" to edit
and "make -j" to build
Once the build is done go to work/binaries and run:
$ ./run_e2es_partition
That will launch the binary and the auto-generated GUI
# MAKEFILE_PATH := $(abspath $(lastword $(MAKEFILE_LIST)))
ASN1_FILES := /home/taste/e2es/DataView.asn /home/taste/tool-inst/share/taste-types/taste-types.asn
CP_FILES := ../work/geometrymodule_implementation/Ada/Context-geometrymodule-implementation.asn ../work/observation_timeline_implementation/C/Context-observation-timeline-implementation.asn ../work/scene_creation_implementation/C/Context-scene-creation-implementation.asn # Context parameters
DATAVIEW_UNIQ := ${DATAVIEW_PATH}/dataview-uniq.asn
DATAVIEW_ACN := ${DATAVIEW_PATH}/dataview-uniq.acn
DATAVIEW_AADLV1 := ${DATAVIEW_PATH}/dataview_aadlv1.aadl
DATAVIEW_AADLV2 := ${DATAVIEW_PATH}/dataview_aadlv2.aadl
# Project cache folder is used to speed up all ASN.1-related processing
export PROJECT_CACHE=${HOME}/.taste_AST_cache
all: build-default
# Generate the language-specific data view needed before editing user code
dataview: dataview/C/built dataview/Ada/built
# Generate the complete dataview, including Python bindings if there is a GUI
${DATAVIEW_PATH}/built: dataview dataview/Python/built
touch $@
# Build based on the deployment view
build-default: aadl2glueC build/system_config.h ${DATAVIEW_PATH}/built build/deploymentview_final/Makefile
$(MAKE) -j -C build -f Makefile.taste
# Force build with RTEMS/Leon, even if deployment view does not specify it
build-rtems-ada: aadl2glueC build/system_config.h ${DATAVIEW_PATH}/built build/deploymentview_final/Makefile
$(MAKE) -j -C build -f Makefile.taste rtems_ada
# Force build with AIR (TSP), even if deployment view does not specify it
air: aadl2glueC build/system_config.h ${DATAVIEW_PATH}/built build/deploymentview_final/Makefile
$(MAKE) -j -C build -f Makefile.taste air
# Rule to invoke Ocarina (generation of POHI middleware code)
build/deploymentview_final/Makefile: build/main.aadl ${DATAVIEW_AADLV2} ../ConcurrencyView_Properties.aadl build/system.aadl ../ConcurrencyView_Properties.aadl
cd build && ocarina -x main.aadl
# Optionally hold thread priorities, offset, stack size. Create if not present
touch $@
# Optionally manage SQL Database (run taste-create-database to enable)
mkdir -p sql_db && touch $@
# Create dataview-uniq.asn by concatenating all asn1 input files
mkdir -p ${PROJECT_CACHE} && mkdir -p ${DATAVIEW_PATH}
sed -e '$$s/$$/\n/' -s $^ > $@
# Create dataview-uniq.acn by concatenating all input files
${DATAVIEW_ACN}: /home/taste/e2es/DataView.acn
mkdir -p ${DATAVIEW_PATH}
sed -e '$$s/$$/\n/' -s $^ > $@
# system_config.h is used to filter out non-needed ASN.1 encoder/decoders
build/system_config.h: $(wildcard */*/wrappers/*_system_config.h)
cat $^ > $@
# Call DMT/aadl2glueC to generate glue code from the mini-cv.aadl files
aadl2glueC: console/GUI/wrappers/aadl2glueC_built geometrymodule_implementation/Ada/wrappers/aadl2glueC_built geometrymodule_interface/SDL/wrappers/aadl2glueC_built observation_timeline_implementation/C/wrappers/aadl2glueC_built observation_timeline_interface/SDL/wrappers/aadl2glueC_built scene_creation_implementation/C/wrappers/aadl2glueC_built scene_creation_interface/SDL/wrappers/aadl2glueC_built simulation_manager/SDL/wrappers/aadl2glueC_built
# Build dataview.aadl in AADLv1 format, used by DMT to generate glue code
asn2aadlPlus $< $@
# Build dataview.aadl in AADLv2 format, used by Ocarina to generate glue code
asn2aadlPlus --aadlv2 $< $@
console/GUI/wrappers/aadl2glueC_built: console/GUI/wrappers/console_mini_cv.aadl ${DATAVIEW_AADLV1}
aadl2glueC -o $(dir $@) $^
touch $@
geometrymodule_implementation/Ada/wrappers/aadl2glueC_built: geometrymodule_implementation/Ada/wrappers/geometrymodule_implementation_mini_cv.aadl ${DATAVIEW_AADLV1}
aadl2glueC -o $(dir $@) $^
touch $@
geometrymodule_interface/SDL/wrappers/aadl2glueC_built: geometrymodule_interface/SDL/wrappers/geometrymodule_interface_mini_cv.aadl ${DATAVIEW_AADLV1}
aadl2glueC -o $(dir $@) $^
touch $@
observation_timeline_implementation/C/wrappers/aadl2glueC_built: observation_timeline_implementation/C/wrappers/observation_timeline_implementation_mini_cv.aadl ${DATAVIEW_AADLV1}
aadl2glueC -o $(dir $@) $^
touch $@
observation_timeline_interface/SDL/wrappers/aadl2glueC_built: observation_timeline_interface/SDL/wrappers/observation_timeline_interface_mini_cv.aadl ${DATAVIEW_AADLV1}
aadl2glueC -o $(dir $@) $^
touch $@
scene_creation_implementation/C/wrappers/aadl2glueC_built: scene_creation_implementation/C/wrappers/scene_creation_implementation_mini_cv.aadl ${DATAVIEW_AADLV1}
aadl2glueC -o $(dir $@) $^
touch $@
scene_creation_interface/SDL/wrappers/aadl2glueC_built: scene_creation_interface/SDL/wrappers/scene_creation_interface_mini_cv.aadl ${DATAVIEW_AADLV1}
aadl2glueC -o $(dir $@) $^
touch $@
simulation_manager/SDL/wrappers/aadl2glueC_built: simulation_manager/SDL/wrappers/simulation_manager_mini_cv.aadl ${DATAVIEW_AADLV1}
aadl2glueC -o $(dir $@) $^
touch $@
# Compile the ASN.1 models in C
dataview/C/built: ${DATAVIEW_UNIQ} ${DATAVIEW_ACN} ${CP_FILES}
mkdir -p $(dir $@)
# asn2dataModel does not take the ACN files, and only calls asn1.exe
# asn2dataModel -o $(dir $@) -toC ${DATAVIEW_UNIQ} ${DATAVIEW_ACN}
asn1.exe -typePrefix asn1Scc -equal -fp AUTO -o $(dir $@) -c -uPER -ACN $^
cp $(shell taste-config --prefix)/share/AutoGUI/debug_messages.? dataview/C
cp $(shell taste-config --prefix)/share/AutoGUI/timeInMS.? dataview/C
cd dataview/C && msgPrinter ../dataview-uniq.asn
cd dataview/C && msgPrinterASN1 ../dataview-uniq.asn
touch $@
# Compile the ASN.1 models in Python for the autogenerated GUIs
dataview/Python/built: dataview/C/built console/GUI/wrappers/aadl2glueC_built sql_db/
mkdir -p $(dir $@)
asn2dataModel -o $(dir $@) -toPython ${DATAVIEW_UNIQ}
$(MAKE) -C dataview/Python -f Makefile.python
cp dataview/Python/* console/GUI/wrappers/python
cp dataview/C/timeInMS.[ch] dataview/C/debug_messages.c console/GUI/wrappers/python
cd console/GUI/wrappers/python && \
gcc -g -fPIC -c `python-config --cflags` gui_api.c ../../src/queue_manager.c timeInMS.c debug_messages.c -I. -I../../src && \
gcc -g -shared -o gui_api.o queue_manager.o timeInMS.o debug_messages.o `python-config --ldflags` -lrt
mkdir -p binaries/console_GUI
cp -f console/GUI/wrappers/python/* binaries/console_GUI
cp -f console/GUI/wrappers/*.py binaries/console_GUI
cp -f console/GUI/wrappers/*.ui binaries/console_GUI
if [ -f sql_db/ ]; then cd binaries/console_GUI && ln -fs ../../sql_db; fi
# User can edit at will the customisable user widgets python module:
cp -u $(shell taste-config --prefix)/share/AutoGUI/ binaries/console_GUI
# Interface view must be placed in the gui folder to allow replaying MSCs
cp -u ../InterfaceView.aadl binaries/console_GUI
touch $@
dataview/Ada/built: ${DATAVIEW_UNIQ} ${CP_FILES}
mkdir -p $(dir $@)
asn2dataModel -o $(dir $@) -toAda $^
touch $@
cd dataview/Ada && rm -f gnat.cfg GPS_project.gpr IgnoredExaminerWarnings.wrn
# Copy the dataview to SDL function GeometryModule_Interface (no context parameters)
cp -u ${DATAVIEW_UNIQ} geometrymodule_interface/SDL/src
# Copy the dataview to SDL function Observation_Timeline_Interface (no context parameters)
cp -u ${DATAVIEW_UNIQ} observation_timeline_interface/SDL/src
# Copy the dataview to SDL function Scene_Creation_Interface (no context parameters)
cp -u ${DATAVIEW_UNIQ} scene_creation_interface/SDL/src
# Copy the dataview to SDL function Simulation_Manager (no context parameters)
cp -u ${DATAVIEW_UNIQ} simulation_manager/SDL/src
$(MAKE) -j -C functiontype1/CPP compile-linux
function-instances-linux: function-types-linux
$(MAKE) -C console/GUI -j compile-linux
$(MAKE) -C geometrymodule_implementation/Ada -j compile-linux
$(MAKE) -C geometrymodule_interface/SDL -j compile-linux
$(MAKE) -C observation_timeline_implementation/C -j compile-linux
$(MAKE) -C observation_timeline_interface/SDL -j compile-linux
$(MAKE) -C scene_creation_implementation/C -j compile-linux
$(MAKE) -C scene_creation_interface/SDL -j compile-linux
$(MAKE) -C simulation_manager/SDL -j compile-linux
compile-all-linux: dataviews function-instances-linux
rm -rf binaries dataview
$(MAKE) -C build -f Makefile.taste clean
.PHONY: clean compile-all-linux function-instances-linux function-types-linux build-default dataview build-rtems-ada dataview
IMPORTS T-Int32, T-UInt32, T-Int8, T-UInt8, T-Boolean FROM TASTE-BasicTypes;
My-Integer ::= INTEGER (3 .. 1415)
-- ASN.1 Type definitions must start with an uppercase
-- Field names in records (SEQUENCE) must start with a lowercase
-- Underscores are not allowed: use dash (hyphen)
-- For integers do not assume that small ranges will be translated to small
-- types in C or Ada (expect unsigned or signed 64 bits types with subtypes
-- for the range in Ada)
-- Simple types:
-- TASTE-Boolean ::= BOOLEAN
-- MyInteger ::= INTEGER (0..255)
-- MyReal ::= REAL (0.0 .. 1000.0)
-- MyBool ::= BOOLEAN
-- MyEnum ::= ENUMERATED { hello, world, how-are-you }
-- Complex types:
-- MySeq ::= SEQUENCE {
-- input-data MyInteger,
-- output-data MyInteger,
-- validity ENUMERATED { valid, invalid }
-- }
-- MyChoice ::= CHOICE {
-- b MySeq
-- }
-- MySeqOf ::= SEQUENCE (SIZE (2)) OF MyEnum
-- MyOctStr ::= OCTET STRING (SIZE (3))
-- -- You can also declare constants
-- myVar MySeqOf ::= { hello, world }
-- Set of TASTE predefined basic types
T-Int32 ::= INTEGER (-2147483648 .. 2147483647)
T-UInt32 ::= INTEGER (0 .. 4294967295)
T-Int8 ::= INTEGER (-128 .. 127)
T-UInt8 ::= INTEGER (0 .. 255)
T-Boolean ::= BOOLEAN
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