Commit 0e9e0b81 authored by Maxime Perrotin's avatar Maxime Perrotin
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Cleanup template headers

parent e8a46dda
@@-- The following tags are available in this template:
@@-- @_Name_@ : The function name
@@-- @_ASN1_Files_@ : List of all ASN.1 files
@@-- @_ASN1_Modules_@ : List of all ASN.1 modules
@@-- @_Is_Type_@ : Flag set to True for function type
@@-- @_Instance_Of_@ : Name of function type if instance
@@-- @_Is_Shared_Type_@ : True if the function type is in the shared library
@@-- @_Shared_Lib_Dir_@ : Base folder containing the shared types
# @_Language_@
@@SET@@ SDL_Target_Language=""
@@IF@@ @_Language_@ = Ada
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