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@@-- The following tags are available in this template:
@@-- @_Nodes_@ : Code generated for the nodes
@@-- @_Node_Names_@ : Vector Tag of node names
@@-- @_Node_CPU_@ : |_ Corresponding CPU name (eg x86_linux)
@@-- @_Node_CPU_Classifier_@ : |_ CPU Classifier (ocarina...::x86_linux)
@@-- @_Partition_Names_@ : Vector Tag of partition names
@@-- @_Partition_Node_@ : |_ Corresponding node name
@@-- @_Partition_CPU_@ : |_ Corresponding CPU name
@@-- @_Threads_@ : Code generated for the threads
@@-- @_Thread_Names_@ : List of all threads in the complete system
@@-- @_Target_Packages_@ : List of all target package names in the complete system
@@-- And all the system configuration obtained from the command line:
@@-- Interface_View, Deployment_View, Data_View, Binary_Path, Check_Data_View,
@@-- Output_Dir, Skeletons, Glue, Use_POHIC, Timer_Resolution, Debug_Flag,
@@-- No_Stdlib_Flag, Timer_Resolution, Other_Files (list of aadl files)
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