Commit d21665f6 authored by Maxime Perrotin's avatar Maxime Perrotin
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Remove build_ada.tcl

Only support the C runtime for the time being
parent fcdc52dc
package provide build_ada 0.1
lappend auto_path .
namespace eval build_ada {
# Graphical name of the operation
proc getLabel {} {
return "Build the system (in Ada)"
# Name of the application this script can be used with
# shall be either InterfaceView or DeploymentView
proc getApplication {} {
return "InterfaceView"
# Names of the object this script can be used on
# FIXME - it should be active all the time
proc getApplyTo {} {
return [list "alwayson" ]
# List of way to manage output in the Framework
# Could be an empty list or one or both of 'dialogBox' and 'statusBar'
proc getOutputManagement {} {
return [list statusBar]
proc build_ada { args } {
set params [lindex $args 0]
set aadlFilePath [Parameter::getParameter $params aadlFilePath]
set aadlId [Parameter::getParameter $params id]
return [build_internal $aadlFilePath $aadlId]
# synchronous call
proc build_internal { aadlFilePath aadlId } {
set initialPath [pwd]
cd [file dirname $aadlFilePath]
set msg ""
set errNumb [catch { exec [auto_execok "taste-build-system"] } ]
if { $errNumb == 0 } {
set msg "Everything went fine!"
} else {
set msg "Some errors were reported - check the console"
cd $initialPath
return [list $errNumb $msg]
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