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add a change log

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version 2.0.9
* ticket 0000550 : In the edit real time properties dialog box, the "priority" tab and the "other" tab shall be merge
* ticket 0000549 : Error on the edit real time properties dialog box
* ticket 0000547 : The user shall be allowed to modify a RI label even if it is connected to a PI
* ticket 0000546 : the parameters semantic check has been broken.
version 2.0.8
* ticket 0000544 : Open dataview type help in context parameters dialog box is not working. The View ASN.1 Files also fails in the Deployment View / Devices part.
* ticket 0000537 (WIP) : change the ergonomie of the save fonctionnality
* ticket 0000540 (WIP) : A connection mode from a PI/RI shall be done only if it is possible
* ticket 0000525 (WIP) : Consistency problems in PI/RI connection
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