Commit f4de6721 authored by Maxime Perrotin's avatar Maxime Perrotin
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Remove "data" from list of forbidden keywords

It was added by mistake, following a report on keywords that fail when
used as PI paramter names. It's ok for field names in ASN.1 types
parent 66747343
......@@ -91,7 +91,7 @@ g_invalidKeywords = [
# From Nicolas Gillet/Astrium for SCADE
"abstract", "activate", "and", "assume", "automaton", "bool", "case", "char", "clock", "const", "default", "div", "do", "else", "elsif", "emit", "end", "enum", "every", "false", "fby", "final", "flatten", "fold", "foldi", "foldw", "foldwi", "function", "guarantee", "group", "if", "imported", "initial", "int", "is", "last", "let", "make", "map", "mapfold", "mapi", "mapw", "mapwi", "match", "merge", "mod", "node", "not", "numeric", "of", "onreset", "open", "or", "package", "parameter", "pre", "private", "probe", "public", "real", "restart", "resume", "returns", "reverse", "sensor", "sig", "specialize", "state", "synchro", "tel", "then", "times", "transpose", "true", "type", "unless", "until", "var", "when", "where", "with", "xor",
# From Maxime - ESA GNC Team
"open", "close", "flag", "device", "data", "range", "name"
"open", "close", "flag", "device", "range", "name"
tokens = (
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