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GMV/CoRA: Fix coverage.

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......@@ -452,7 +452,7 @@ class SimulinkGlueGenerator(SynchronousToolGlueGenerator):
self.C_SourceFile.write(" %s_initialize();\n" % self.g_FVname)
# If there are HW(FPGA) configurations defined, initialize also the HW side (the device driver: <self.g_FVname>_Simulink.vhdl.c).
if sp._fpgaConfigurations != '':
self.C_SourceFile.write(" init_%s_Fpga();\n" % maybeFVname)
self.C_SourceFile.write(" init_%s_Fpga();\n" % maybeFVname) # pragma: no cover
self.C_SourceFile.write(" }\n")
def ExecuteBlock(self, unused_modelingLanguage: str, unused_asnFile: str, unused_sp: ApLevelContainer, unused_subProgramImplementation: str, unused_maybeFVname: str) -> None:
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