Commit 86462159 authored by Laura Alexandra Sequeira Gouveia's avatar Laura Alexandra Sequeira Gouveia
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Fixed C bridge bug with function name fetch.

parent 932c0609
......@@ -1573,10 +1573,13 @@ def EmitBambuCBridge(sp: ApLevelContainer, subProgramImplementation: str):
bambuFile = open(os.path.dirname( + '/' + outputCsourceFilename, 'w')
functionBlocksName = os.path.dirname([4:] # not elegant but not sure how to get the Function Block's name from here
functionBlocksName = os.path.dirname(
functionBlocksName = functionBlocksName[:functionBlocksName.index(os.sep)] if os.sep in functionBlocksName else functionBlocksName # a bit more elegant way of retrieving function block's name
bambuFile.write("#include \"%s.h\" // Space certified compiler generated\n" % vhdlBackend.asn_name)
bambuFile.write("#include \"%s.h\"\n" % functionBlocksName)
bambuFile.write('\nvoid bambu_%s(\n ' % sp._id)
# List flattened PI parameters
lines = []
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