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# (C) Semantix Information Technologies.
# Semantix Information Technologies is licensing the code of the
# Data Modelling Tools (DMT) in the following dual-license mode:
# Commercial Developer License:
# The DMT Commercial Developer License is the appropriate version
# to use for the development of proprietary and/or commercial software.
# This version is for developers/companies who do not want to share
# the source code they develop with others or otherwise comply with the
# terms of the GNU General Public License version 2.1.
# GNU GPL v. 2.1:
# This version of DMT is the one to use for the development of
# non-commercial applications, when you are willing to comply
# with the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2.1.
# The features of the two licenses are summarized below:
# Commercial
# Developer GPL
# License
# License cost License fee charged No license fee
# Must provide source
# code changes to DMT No, modifications can Yes, all source code
# be closed must be provided back
# Can create Yes, that is, No, applications are subject
# proprietary no source code needs to the GPL and all source code
# applications to be disclosed must be made available
# Support Yes, 12 months of No, but available separately
# premium technical for purchase
# support
# Charge for Runtimes None None
vhd = '''library ieee;
use ieee.std_logic_1164.all;
use ieee.numeric_std.all;
library leon2ft;
use leon2ft.amba.all;
entity TASTE is
port (
clk_i : in std_logic; -- System clock
reset_n : in std_logic; -- System RST
-- APB interface
apbi : in apb_slv_in_type;
apbo : out apb_slv_out_type
end TASTE;
architecture arch of TASTE is
-- Circuits for the existing PIs
-- Declare signals
-- signal CLK : std_logic;
-- signal RST : std_logic;
-- Register interface
-- signal Addr : std_logic_vector(15 downto 0);
-- signal DataIn : std_logic_vector(7 downto 0);
-- signal DataOut : std_logic_vector(7 downto 0);
-- signal WE : std_logic;
-- signal RE : std_logic;
-- Registers for I/O
-- Signals for start/finish
-- Implement register write
process (reset_n, clk_i)
if (reset_n='1') then
-- Signals for reset
elsif (clk_i'event and clk_i='1') then
-- Update start-stop pulses
if (apbi.pwrite='1' and apbi.psel= '1' and apbi.penable = '1') then
case (apbi.paddr(7 downto 0)) is
-- Read data
end case;
end if;
end if;
end process;
-- Implement register read
process (apbi.paddr, apbi.pwrite, %(outputs)s %(completions)s)
if (apbi.pwrite='0' and apbi.psel= '1') then
case (apbi.paddr(7 downto 0)) is
-- Write data
when others => apbo.prdata <= (others => '0');
end case;
-- avoid latches
apbo.prdata <= (others => '0');
end if;
end process;
-- Connections to the VHDL circuits
end arch;'''
makefile = r'''
SRCS=Example1.vhd %(pi)s
all: ${TARGET}
%(tab)sxst -intstyle ise -ifn TASTE.xst -ofn TASTE.syr || exit 1
%(tab)sngdbuild -intstyle ise -dd _ngo -aul -nt timestamp -uc ZestSC1.ucf -p xc3s1000-ft256-5 TASTE.ngc TASTE.ngd || exit 1
%(tab)smap -intstyle ise -p xc3s1000-ft256-5 -cm area -ir off -pr b -c 100 -o TASTE_map.ncd TASTE.ngd TASTE.pcf || exit 1
%(tab)spar -w -intstyle ise -ol high -t 1 TASTE_map.ncd TASTE.ncd TASTE.pcf || exit 1
%(tab)strce -intstyle ise -e 3 -s 5 -n 3 -xml TASTE.twx TASTE.ncd -o TASTE.twr TASTE.pcf -ucf ZestSC1.ucf || exit 1
%(tab)sbitgen -intstyle ise -f TASTE.ut TASTE.ncd || exit 1
%(tab)s@echo "========================================"
%(tab)s@echo " ${TARGET} built successfully. "
%(tab)s@echo "========================================"
%(tab)srm -f ${TARGET}
prj = '''vhdl work "craft_gatelibrary.vhd"
vhdl work "ZestSC1_SRAM.vhd"
vhdl work "ZestSC1_Host.vhd"
vhdl work "ZestSC1_Interfaces.vhd"
vhdl work "TASTE.vhd"
per_circuit_vhd = """
library IEEE;
-- Uncomment the following lines to use the declarations that are
-- provided for instantiating Xilinx primitive components.
--library UNISIM;
--use UNISIM.VComponents.all;
architecture arch of %(pi)s is
-- Declare signals
signal CLK : std_logic;
signal RST : std_logic;
type state_type is (
signal state : state_type := wait_for_start_signal;
CLK <= clock_%(pi)s;
RST <= reset_%(pi)s;
-- Possible clock divider
process(CLK, RST)
if (RST='1') then
finish_%(pi)s <= '1';
elsif (CLK'event and CLK='1') then
case state is
when wait_for_start_signal =>
if start_%(pi)s = '1' then
state <= signal_received;
finish_%(pi)s <= '0';
state <= wait_for_start_signal;
end if;
when signal_received =>
-- Do your processing here --
state <= work_done;
when work_done =>
finish_%(pi)s <= '1';
state <= wait_for_start_signal;
end case;
end if;
end process;
end arch;
xise = """<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?>
<project xmlns="" xmlns:xil_pn="">
<!-- ISE source project file created by Project Navigator. -->
<!-- -->
<!-- This file contains project source information including a list of -->
<!-- project source files, project and process properties. This file, -->
<!-- along with the project source files, is sufficient to open and -->
<!-- implement in ISE Project Navigator. -->
<!-- -->
<!-- Copyright (c) 1995-2013 Xilinx, Inc. All rights reserved. -->
<version xil_pn:ise_version="14.7" xil_pn:schema_version="2"/>
<file xil_pn:name="Example1.vhd" xil_pn:type="FILE_VHDL">
<association xil_pn:name="BehavioralSimulation" xil_pn:seqID="1"/>
<association xil_pn:name="Implementation" xil_pn:seqID="5"/>
<file xil_pn:name="ZestSC1_Host.vhd" xil_pn:type="FILE_VHDL">
<association xil_pn:name="BehavioralSimulation" xil_pn:seqID="2"/>
<association xil_pn:name="Implementation" xil_pn:seqID="2"/>
<file xil_pn:name="ZestSC1_SRAM.vhd" xil_pn:type="FILE_VHDL">
<association xil_pn:name="BehavioralSimulation" xil_pn:seqID="3"/>
<association xil_pn:name="Implementation" xil_pn:seqID="1"/>
<file xil_pn:name="ZestSC1_Interfaces.vhd" xil_pn:type="FILE_VHDL">
<association xil_pn:name="BehavioralSimulation" xil_pn:seqID="4"/>
<association xil_pn:name="Implementation" xil_pn:seqID="3"/>
<file xil_pn:name="ZestSC1.ucf" xil_pn:type="FILE_UCF">
<association xil_pn:name="Implementation" xil_pn:seqID="0"/>
<file xil_pn:name="%(pi)s.vhd" xil_pn:type="FILE_VHDL">
<association xil_pn:name="BehavioralSimulation" xil_pn:seqID="97"/>
<association xil_pn:name="Implementation" xil_pn:seqID="4"/>
<property xil_pn:name="Allow Unmatched LOC Constraints" xil_pn:value="true" xil_pn:valueState="non-default"/>
<property xil_pn:name="Device" xil_pn:value="xc3s1000" xil_pn:valueState="non-default"/>
<property xil_pn:name="Device Family" xil_pn:value="Spartan3" xil_pn:valueState="non-default"/>
<property xil_pn:name="Drive Done Pin High" xil_pn:value="true" xil_pn:valueState="non-default"/>
<property xil_pn:name="Enable Enhanced Design Summary" xil_pn:value="false" xil_pn:valueState="non-default"/>
<property xil_pn:name="Implementation Top" xil_pn:value="Architecture|TASTE|arch" xil_pn:valueState="non-default"/>
<property xil_pn:name="Implementation Top File" xil_pn:value="Example1.vhd" xil_pn:valueState="non-default"/>
<property xil_pn:name="Implementation Top Instance Path" xil_pn:value="/TASTE" xil_pn:valueState="non-default"/>
<property xil_pn:name="Overwrite Compiled Libraries" xil_pn:value="true" xil_pn:valueState="non-default"/>
<property xil_pn:name="Pack I/O Registers/Latches into IOBs" xil_pn:value="For Inputs and Outputs" xil_pn:valueState="non-default"/>
<property xil_pn:name="Package" xil_pn:value="ft256" xil_pn:valueState="non-default"/>
<property xil_pn:name="Preferred Language" xil_pn:value="Verilog" xil_pn:valueState="default"/>
<property xil_pn:name="Property Specification in Project File" xil_pn:value="Store non-default values only" xil_pn:valueState="non-default"/>
<property xil_pn:name="Report Fastest Path(s) in Each Constraint" xil_pn:value="false" xil_pn:valueState="non-default"/>
<property xil_pn:name="Report Fastest Path(s) in Each Constraint Post Trace" xil_pn:value="false" xil_pn:valueState="non-default"/>
<property xil_pn:name="Report Type" xil_pn:value="Error Report" xil_pn:valueState="non-default"/>
<property xil_pn:name="Report Type Post Trace" xil_pn:value="Error Report" xil_pn:valueState="non-default"/>
<property xil_pn:name="Simulator" xil_pn:value="ISim (VHDL/Verilog)" xil_pn:valueState="default"/>
<property xil_pn:name="Speed Grade" xil_pn:value="-5" xil_pn:valueState="default"/>
<property xil_pn:name="Synthesis Tool" xil_pn:value="XST (VHDL/Verilog)" xil_pn:valueState="default"/>
<property xil_pn:name="Top-Level Source Type" xil_pn:value="HDL" xil_pn:valueState="default"/>
<property xil_pn:name="iMPACT Project File" xil_pn:value="" xil_pn:valueState="non-default"/>
<!-- -->
<!-- The following properties are for internal use only. These should not be modified.-->
<!-- -->
<property xil_pn:name="PROP_DesignName" xil_pn:value="Example1" xil_pn:valueState="non-default"/>
<property xil_pn:name="PROP_DevFamilyPMName" xil_pn:value="spartan3" xil_pn:valueState="default"/>
<property xil_pn:name="PROP_intProjectCreationTimestamp" xil_pn:value="2016-09-25T12:57:19" xil_pn:valueState="non-default"/>
<property xil_pn:name="PROP_intWbtProjectID" xil_pn:value="3745F6A05FDE9EEAF3D6AE162B4C5A8F" xil_pn:valueState="non-default"/>
<property xil_pn:name="PROP_intWorkingDirLocWRTProjDir" xil_pn:value="Same" xil_pn:valueState="non-default"/>
<property xil_pn:name="PROP_intWorkingDirUsed" xil_pn:value="No" xil_pn:valueState="non-default"/>
<property xil_pn:name="PROP_mapSmartGuideFileName" xil_pn:value="" xil_pn:valueState="non-default"/>
<property xil_pn:name="PROP_parSmartGuideFileName" xil_pn:value="" xil_pn:valueState="non-default"/>
<!-- The following files are identified by `include statements in verilog -->
<!-- source files and are automatically managed by Project Navigator. -->
<!-- -->
<!-- Do not hand-edit this section, as it will be overwritten when the -->
<!-- project is analyzed based on files automatically identified as -->
<!-- include files. -->
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