Commit 7c1038d1 authored by Tiago Jorge's avatar Tiago Jorge
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Update Brave design synthesis Makefile

parent c473790b
......@@ -108,16 +108,10 @@ end arch;'''
makefile = r'''
SRCS=TASTE.vhd %(pi)s
all: ${TARGET}
%(tab)sexport NANOXPLORE_BYPASS=x86_64_UBUNTU_16
all: ${SRCS}
%(tab)s@echo "========================================"
%(tab)s@echo " ${TARGET} built successfully. "
%(tab)s@echo "========================================"
%(tab)spython bitfile.nxb bitfile-swapped.nxb
%(tab)srm -rf logs *.nxm *.pyc *.nxb
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