Commit 7518e58e authored by Thanassis Tsiodras's avatar Thanassis Tsiodras

Remove the LL suffix that ASN1SCC introduced (apparently)

parent de0ce8d4
......@@ -31,9 +31,9 @@ enums_dump = "\n ".join(
enums_dump += "\n ".join(
'printf("{} = {}\\n");'.format(name.strip(), val.strip('L'))
for name, val in enums)
'printf("%s = %d\\n");' % (name.strip(), val.replace('LL',''))
for name, val in enums
uniq = os.getpid()
extractor_filename = "/tmp/enums_%d" % uniq
f = open(extractor_filename + ".c", 'w')
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