Commit 735404dc authored by Thanassis Tsiodras's avatar Thanassis Tsiodras
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Fix Python makefile to make it build with -j.

parent 08a22c74
......@@ -144,15 +144,15 @@ $(BDIR)/$(GRAMMAR)_getset.c: $(GRAMMAR).asn
%(tab)smkdir -p $(BDIR)
%(tab)s$(ASN2DATAMODEL) -toPython -o $(BDIR) $<
$(BDIR)/asn1crt.c $(BDIR)/$(GRAMMAR).c $(BDIR)/asn1crt.c $(BDIR)/asn1crt_encoding.c $(BDIR)/asn1crt_encoding_uper.c $(BDIR)/asn1crt_encoding_acn.c $(BDIR)/$(GRAMMAR).h $(BDIR)/asn1crt.h: $(GRAMMAR).asn
$(BDIR)/asn1crt.c $(BDIR)/$(GRAMMAR).c $(BDIR)/asn1crt_encoding.c $(BDIR)/asn1crt_encoding_uper.c $(BDIR)/asn1crt_encoding_acn.c $(BDIR)/$(GRAMMAR).h $(BDIR)/asn1crt.h: $(GRAMMAR).asn
%(tab)sif [ ! -f "$(GRAMMAR).acn" ] ; then %(mono)s $(ASN1SCC) -ACND -o $(BDIR) $< ; fi
%(tab)s%(mono)s $(ASN1SCC) -ACN -c -uPER -equal -o $(BDIR) $< $(GRAMMAR).acn
$(BDIR)/ $(GRAMMAR).asn
$(BDIR)/ $(GRAMMAR).asn $(BDIR)/$(GRAMMAR).h
%(tab)sgrep 'REQUIRED_BYTES_FOR_.*ENCODING' $(BDIR)/$(GRAMMAR).h | awk '{print $$2 " = " $$3}' > $@
%(tab)spython %(base)s >> $@ || rm $@
$(BDIR)/%%.o: $(BDIR)/%%.c
$(BDIR)/%%.o: $(BDIR)/%%.c $(BDIR)/$(GRAMMAR).h
%(tab)sgcc -g -fPIC -c `python-config --includes` -o $@ $<
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