Commit 49c5d8e2 authored by Thanassis Tsiodras's avatar Thanassis Tsiodras
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Python3 accesses the B mapper ASTs now

parent 7e157de8
......@@ -90,13 +90,7 @@ import commonPy.asnParser
import commonPy.aadlAST
import commonPy.cleanupNodes
#import aadlParser
from B_mappers import AadlLexer
from B_mappers import AadlParser
import antlr
from commonPy.utility import panic, warn, inform
from commonPy.utility import panic, inform
import commonPy.verify as verify
......@@ -181,29 +175,32 @@ def ParseAADLfilesAndResolveSignals():
'''Invokes the ANTLR generated AADL parser, and resolves
all references to AAADL Data types into the param._signal member
of each SUBPROGRAM param.'''
for aadlFilename in sys.argv[1:]:
# Parse AADL system description files
inform("Parsing %s...", aadlFilename)
L = AadlLexer.Lexer(aadlFilename)
P = AadlParser.Parser(L)
except antlr.ANTLRException as e: # pragma: no cover
panic("Error in file '%s': %s\n" % (e.fileName, str(e))) # pragma: no cover
# Resolve signal definitions over all input AADL files
for subProgramName, subProgram in commonPy.aadlAST.g_apLevelContainers.items():
inform("Resolving data definitions in subprogram %s..." % subProgramName)
for param in subProgram._params:
if not isinstance(param._signal, commonPy.aadlAST.Signal):
if param._signal not in commonPy.aadlAST.g_signals:
panic("Unknown data type %s in the definition of %s!\n" % # pragma: no cover
(param._signal, subProgramName)) # pragma: no cover
param._signal = commonPy.aadlAST.g_signals[param._signal]
import tempfile
f = tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile(delete=False)
astFile =
parserUtility = os.path.join(os.path.abspath(os.path.dirname(__file__)), "")
cmd = parserUtility + " -o " + astFile + ' ' + ' '.join(sys.argv[1:])
if os.system(cmd) != 0:
if os.path.exists(astFile):
panic("AADL parsing failed. Aborting...")
import pickle
astInfo = pickle.load(open(astFile, 'rb'))
for k in ['g_signals', 'g_processImplementations',
'g_apLevelContainers', 'g_systems',
'g_subProgramImplementations', 'g_threadImplementations']:
setattr(commonPy.aadlAST, k, astInfo[k])
except Exception as e:
if os.path.exists(astFile):
import commonPy as commonPy2 # Hack of the century: make unpickled
# Python2 objects visible?
def SpecialCodes(unused_SystemsAndImplementations, unused_uniqueDataFiles, asnFiles, unused_useOSS):
......@@ -510,9 +507,4 @@ def main():
b.OnFinal() # pragma: no cover
if __name__ == "__main__":
if "-pdb" in sys.argv:
sys.argv.remove("-pdb") # pragma: no cover
import pdb # pragma: no cover'main()') # pragma: no cover
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