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No such thing in the age of Git.

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# Change Log
## 2.1.2
- Use Unsigned_32 in Dataview.aadl to support large messages
## 2.1.1
- Moved to statically imported (and verifiable by mypy) A and B mappers
## 2.1.0
- Major update of the PySide B mapper (API updates)
- Bug fix in the Python A mapper
## 2.0.0
- Moved to Python3
- Added type annotations, checked via mypy
- Added git commit hooks to check via flake8 AND pylint
- Configuration files used to customize the checks for the project's
naming conventions.
- Many bugs identified and fixed.
## 1.2.3
- ctypes backend: emit all ENUMERATED values in
## 1.2.0
- Not using SWIG anymore for the Python mappers
## 1.1.2
- pyside_b_mapper: added combo box for the asn1 value editor
## 1.1.1
- support empty SEQUENCEs (MyType ::= SEQUENCE {}) - except for Simulink
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