Commit 3bb79078 authored by Thanassis Tsiodras's avatar Thanassis Tsiodras
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Major restructuring of ASN1SCC output - sync up Makefile.

parent 91a48311
......@@ -136,7 +136,7 @@ ASN2DATAMODEL:=asn2dataModel
GRAMMAR := %(origGrammarBase)s
BASEGRAMMAR := %(base)s
BDIR:= .
OBJ := $(BDIR)/$(GRAMMAR).o $(BDIR)/asn1crt.o $(BDIR)/real.o $(BDIR)/acn.o $(BDIR)/$(BASEGRAMMAR)_getset.o
OBJ := $(BDIR)/$(GRAMMAR).o $(BDIR)/asn1crt.o $(BDIR)/asn1crt_encoding_uper.o $(BDIR)/asn1crt_encoding_acn.o $(BDIR)/$(BASEGRAMMAR)_getset.o
......@@ -144,7 +144,7 @@ $(BDIR)/$(GRAMMAR)_getset.c: $(GRAMMAR).asn
%(tab)smkdir -p $(BDIR)
%(tab)s$(ASN2DATAMODEL) -toPython -o $(BDIR) $<
$(BDIR)/asn1crt.c $(BDIR)/$(GRAMMAR).c $(BDIR)/real.c $(BDIR)/acn.c $(BDIR)/$(GRAMMAR).h $(BDIR)/asn1crt.h: $(GRAMMAR).asn
$(BDIR)/asn1crt.c $(BDIR)/$(GRAMMAR).c $(BDIR)/asn1crt_encoding_uper.c $(BDIR)/asn1crt_encoding_acn.c $(BDIR)/$(GRAMMAR).h $(BDIR)/asn1crt.h: $(GRAMMAR).asn
%(tab)sif [ ! -f "$(GRAMMAR).acn" ] ; then %(mono)s $(ASN1SCC) -ACND -o $(BDIR) $< ; fi
%(tab)s%(mono)s $(ASN1SCC) -ACN -c -uPER -equal -o $(BDIR) $< $(GRAMMAR).acn
......@@ -159,7 +159,7 @@ $(BDIR)/$(BASEGRAMMAR) ${OBJ}
%(tab)sgcc -g -fPIC -shared `python-config --ldflags` -o $@ $^
%(tab)srm -f $(BDIR)/asn1crt.? $(BDIR)/real.? $(BDIR)/$(GRAMMAR).? $(BDIR)/acn.?
%(tab)srm -f $(BDIR)/asn1crt* $(BDIR)/$(GRAMMAR).?
%(tab)srm -f $(BDIR)/ $(BDIR)/*.pyc $(BDIR)/$(BASEGRAMMAR)_getset.? $(BDIR)/$(BASEGRAMMAR)
%(tab)srm -f $(BDIR)/$(GRAMMAR)
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