Commit 387ed7a5 authored by Tiago Jorge's avatar Tiago Jorge
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Add print message in Brave device driver(s) Init to check invocation from buildsupport.

parent b8bde51c
......@@ -509,7 +509,9 @@ uint32_t count;
# def InitializeBlock(self, modelingLanguage, asnFile, sp, subProgramImplementation, maybeFVname):
def InitializeBlock(self, unused_modelingLanguage: str, unused_asnFile: str, unused_sp: ApLevelContainer, unused_subProgramImplementation: str, unused_maybeFVname: str) -> None:
self.C_SourceFile.write(''' /*BRAVE_HANDLE Handle = (BRAVE_HANDLE) NULL;
self.C_SourceFile.write(''' printf("[ ********* %s Init ********* ] Device driver init ... (to be implemented) \\n");
......@@ -533,7 +535,7 @@ uint32_t count;
BraveSetSignalDirection(g_Handle, 0xf);
''' % (self.CleanNameAsADAWants(unused_maybeFVname)))
self.C_SourceFile.write(" }*/\n")
# def ExecuteBlock(self, modelingLanguage, asnFile, sp, subProgramImplementation, maybeFVname):
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