Commit 35a2c989 authored by Thanassis Tsiodras's avatar Thanassis Tsiodras
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Don't warn about OPTIONAL fields anymore.

The user can't do anything about this; if the Functional block is written
with a tool that doesn't support OPTIONAL types, then the user/designer
should decide how to handle this.
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......@@ -739,8 +739,6 @@ def CommonSeqSetChoice(
opti = GetAttr(x, "Optional")
bAlwaysPresent = GetAttr(x, "bAlwaysPresent")
bAlwaysAbsent = GetAttr(x, "bAlwaysAbsent")
if opti and opti == "True":
utility.warn("OPTIONAL attribute ignored by A/B mappers (for field contained in %s,%s)" % (newModule._asnFilename, lineNo))
enumID = GetAttr(x, "EnumID")
myMembers.append([GetAttr(x, "VarName"), GenericFactory(newModule, GetChild(x, "Type"))])
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