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    Revert to absolute imports for generated Python2 code. · 44b941e8
    Thanassis Tsiodras authored
    Maxime's opengeode and GUI code depend on the old way
    of code generation. There appears to be no way to generate
    python2 code that does relative imports, and doesn't
    "infect" code that uses it to MIGRATE to relative imports.
    Until we find the resources to move opengeode and the GUIs
    from Python2 to Python2/relativeImports/andorPython3,
    all the changes done to address relative imports have
    to be reverted.
    I hope I am wrong in this and there's some magic way to
    mix and match relative-non-relative imports. But I don't
    believe so - new code can of course be created to use
    relative imports from the start, but there's 10 years
    legacy code (1000s of lines) that use what DMT generates.
    For people (like Konrad) that need Python2 relative imports
    and/or write in Python3, I created a branch that has the
    appropriate code: