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In ads file (ada skeletons) generate RI with two names

Opengeode RI use a prefix RI<sep>RIname to avoid compilation name
clashes. However legacy TASTE systems using Ada are not expecting it.
Both must be supported.
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......@@ -318,19 +318,26 @@ void add_RI_to_Ada_gw(Interface * i)
if (NULL != ada_params) {
fprintf(ads, "(");
fprintf(ads, "%s", ada_params);
fprintf(ads, ")");
fprintf(ads, "(%s)", ada_params);
ada_params = NULL;
fprintf(ads, ";\n");
fprintf(ads, "\tpragma import(C, %s, \"%s_RI_%s\");\n\n", i->name,
fprintf(ads, "\tpragma import(C, %s, \"%s_RI_%s\");\n", i->name,
i->parent_fv->name, i->name);
fprintf(ads, "\tprocedure RI%s", i->name);
if (NULL != ada_params) {
fprintf(ads, "(%s)", ada_params);
fprintf(ads, " renames %s;\n\n", i->name);
ada_params = NULL;
/* Add timer declarations to the Ada code skeletons */
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