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STG configure graphviz with proper default values

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......@@ -5,12 +5,15 @@ interface_view(arrsFunctNames, arrsConnections) ::= <<
# Save this output to and run "neato -Tpng -o out.png"
digraph interfaceview {
<arrsFunctNames: {each| <each> [shape=box, label="<each>"];}; separator="\n">
<arrsFunctNames: {each| <each> [shape=box, style=filled, fontsize=36, margin=0.8 label="<each>"];}; separator="\n">
<arrsConnections; separator="\n">
connection(sFrom, sTo, arrsMessages) ::= <<
<sFrom> -> <sTo> [label="[<arrsMessages; separator=",\n">]"];
<sFrom> -> <sTo> [fontsize=20, color=blue, label="[<arrsMessages; separator=",\n">]"];
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