Commit ab4605f0 authored by Maxime Perrotin's avatar Maxime Perrotin

Fix non-caught error when deployment is buggy

reported in ocarina#5
parent e32aae96
...@@ -1051,13 +1051,12 @@ procedure BuildSupport is ...@@ -1051,13 +1051,12 @@ procedure BuildSupport is
Find_Connected_Bus (Tmp_CI, Accessed_Bus, Accessed_Port); Find_Connected_Bus (Tmp_CI, Accessed_Bus, Accessed_Port);
if Accessed_Bus /= No_Node and then if Accessed_Bus /= No_Node and then
Accessed_Port /= No_Node Accessed_Port /= No_Node and then
Associated_Processor_Name /= No_Name
then then
Accessed_Bus_Name := Name (Identifier (Accessed_Bus)); Accessed_Bus_Name := Name (Identifier (Accessed_Bus));
Accessed_Port_Name := Name (Identifier (Accessed_Port)); Accessed_Port_Name := Name (Identifier (Accessed_Port));
end if;
if Associated_Processor_Name /= No_Name then
C_New_Device C_New_Device
(Get_Name_String (Name (Identifier (Processes))), (Get_Name_String (Name (Identifier (Processes))),
Get_Name_String Get_Name_String
...@@ -1079,6 +1078,13 @@ procedure BuildSupport is ...@@ -1079,6 +1078,13 @@ procedure BuildSupport is
Get_Name_String (Device_ASN1_Module), Get_Name_String (Device_ASN1_Module),
Device_ASN1_Module_Len); Device_ASN1_Module_Len);
C_End_Device; C_End_Device;
Exit_On_Error (True,
"[ERROR] In your deployment view, check the connection of"
& " this driver: "
& Get_Name_String (Name (Identifier (Processes)))
& " - in processor "
& Get_Name_String (Associated_Processor_Name));
end if; end if;
end; end;
end if; end if;
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